Wednesday, November 29th, 2023

** There’s some issues with the message boards. I’m working on it…..Ashley thanks Abby and Devon for meeting her at Society. Small talk aside, they know they’ve been summoned for a reason.

Diane straightens Kyle’s tie. She and Jack are both proud that he’s starting his first day as Jabot’s COO. Due to an electrical problem on the top floors, they’ll be working from home. Thanks for having faith in me, Kyle won’t let his Dad down ~hug~

Running into one another at CL’s, Billy and Tucker goad one another. Billy will hang onto the incriminating info as long as it’s working. Maybe it’s not – maybe Tucker’s already causing damage that the Abbotts haven’t noticed yet. Tucker 1. Billy 0.

Tucker schools Billy on revenge – some forms are more insidious than others. I’ve already lit the fuse. Have a good day, he leaves chuckling.

Hearing that Devon’s given up on Tucker, Ashley likes to think that some part of their love was real. Abby’s horrified that her Mom may forgive Tucker.

Kyle has a few things to start his day off with, including a surprise for his Dad. After Jack goes to meet Billy at CL’s, Diane wants an update from Kyle.

Kyle tells his Mom that he’s got Tucker on the hook. Be careful, Diane warns – he’s a dangerous snake. Kyle’s confident – Tucker thinks he’s working me – he has no idea I’m working him.

As the waiter pours water, Ashley flashes back to how devastated she was by Tucker’s HARSH reaction to her changing her mind about leaving Jabot. Snapping out of it, Ashley feels partly responsible. Devon and Abby disagree. Turn your back and walk away.

I’m not foolish, Ashley insists that she won’t reconcile with the ‘arrogant’ Tucker. She’d like to his plans for Jabot. Devon can relate. What harm could he possibly do? Ashley’s puzzled.