Thursday, November 30th, 2023

Chance finds Sharon in a great mood at CL’s. Kirsten Inc. is almost ready to launch. Chance has made a decision about his future.

Kyle pauses to reflect on his meeting with Tucker before heading into Jabot’s temporary work space. When Jack excuses himself to take a call, Billy point blank asks Kyle where he was – what could be more important than your new job?

Knowing that Devon has too much integrity to pretend – could he possibly forgive Tucker? (so he’d leave CW and Jabot alone)

Tucker drops by Audra’s suite to say that he just saw her boyfriend. Which one? she quips. Kyle, the one who’s gathering information and can’t be trusted.

Audra warns Tucker that he’s underestimating Kyle. Why do you keep sticking up for him? Please tell me you’re not falling for this guy.

Billy continues to grill Kyle about being late for his first day. You think I’m secretly gunning for your job? Kyle’s not intimidated by Billy being able to ‘read people’. Rethink your priorities, Billy warns.

After Ashley leaves, Abby tells Devon that maybe her Mom’s right – when it comes to Tucker, we may have to fight fire with fire.

Chance announces that he’s going to quit the force. Getting shot was a wake up call. He can’t keep putting his loved ones through this. It’s time for a change.

Sharon gushes about Chance making the city safer – have you told Nina? No, she’s in LA. Chance will stay on the GCPD until he’s replaced. So, you’re thinking of going into the corporate world, Sharon correctly assumes.

What if Tucker makes the first move? Can you at least be receptive? Abby implores of Devon.

There’s no substance with Kyle; we have fun and work well together – but it’s no love story. Audra has her eyes on the prize. She protests when Tucker implies that she’ll be running Jabot by herself. I’m like a cat, she hisses – I always land on my feet. Tucker snickers. Audra makes it clear that she’ll choose success (and jump ship to get it if need be)