Friday, December 1st, 2023

Running into his ‘muse’ in the club’s dining room, Danny will play the song he and Chris ‘collaborated’ on – if she’ll join him for an early lunch.

Am I interrupting? Phyllis forces herself to be polite to Chelsea (who makes a quick exit) Knowing she and Summer were discussing more than business, Phyllis is hurt that her daughter’s keeping things from her.

At the ranch, the Newmans are recovering from their ordeal. Nikki eyes the vodka longingly.

Victor, Nick, Vikki and Cole are sorry for what Nikki endured – having alcohol pumped into her body. It’s out of her system and Nikki feels fine. Those two women will pay the price, Victor vows. Feeling like a fool for being deceived by Claire, Nikki does NOT understand why Vikki would feel sorry for the heartless sociopath.

At Society, Jill rants to Billy about Tucker and Maime coming after her company. How content are you at Jabot? she asks.

Phyllis turns on the tears. She’s overly upset that Summer’s confiding in Chelsea but not her.Is it about Chance?

Sharing a set of wired ear buds connected to Danny’s phone, Chris declares the song ‘beautiful. He thinks she’s beautiful.

Over breakfast, Danny again credits Chris with inspiring his song. Between her and Phyllis, he’s experiencing a creative burst. What!? Phyllis is inspiring you too? Chris is aghast.

Phyllis finally wears Summer down. The heart wants what the heart wants. OK – Summer wants Chance so bad it makes her dizzy sometimes.

The Winters side of the business is all about family, Jill wants to fight fire with fire (by bringing Billy over to Chancellor)

Claire’s had it drilled into her head that we were the parents who abandoned her at birth, Vikki explains. Pouring himself a drink, Victor receives a report from his people (who’ve checked out Jordan’s story)