Monday, December 4th, 2023

Heather and Lucy are blown away by the cool bedroom Sally’s decorated for Lucy. When can I move in? Lucy catches her Dad off guard.

Nate’s glad to run into Lily at Society. Have they made a decision about rehiring him? She and Devon are considering it. Devon’s going to talk to Victor – to hear his side. What more do I have to do to prove that I’m a new man? a frustrated Nate whines.

At the ranch, Victor fusses over Nikki. She credits him with making her fight. I will never let anyone hurt you, he kisses her.

Claire’s surprised to find Vikki and Cole waiting for her in the visiting room.

Well, I’ll be damned, Victor picks up his phone. This is very disturbing, Nikki looks at hers. Vikki and Cole have gone to visit ‘that girl’ in prison. Victor worries about Nikki’s sobriety. Will this drive you back to the bottle?

Claire doesn’t understand – why are Vikki and Cole there? They want answers and to know whether Jordan’s story is true. If they are her parents, Claire’s not sure she’d even want their help.

Nate sits to plead his case to Lily again. He wanted to help Victor and protect Newman. Lily wants him to be honest – where was your strongest allegiance?

Nate not being able to answer Lily’s question IS an answer in itself. He should have been able to say that Victor’s health was more important than Vikki having her old job back. I guess I’m wasting my time, Nate heads for the door. Audra appears just in time to leave with him.

Lucy wants to move in that afternoon. Just until she and her Mom move into their new place. That cool room can’t go unused. It’s OK with Daniel if it’s OK with Mom. Heather will help Lucy pack a few things. Use a coaster, Daniel shouts as she skips off – leaving him to ask Heather if she’s also happy about moving back to GC.

Victor can only imagine what Nikki’s been through – I’ll be there for you. She’s going to a meeting this afternoon. Those two women won’t get the satisfaction. But, over Victor’s shoulder, Nikki looks longingly at the mini bar after flashing back to chugging vodka at Jordan’s.

If Jordan’s story is true, Vikki and Cole would consider Claire a victim too. They’d consider helping her. Did Jordan ever show her a birth certificate? Or was the story just drummed into her head since birth?