Tuesday, December 5th, 2023

At the club’s bar, Nate sends a text to Devon – can we meet to talk about my proposal? Tucker arrives to mock him. Tucker arrives to praise him for trying to have Victor committed.

On the CL’s patio, Lily notices that Nick seems to be in pain – are you OK? she asks.

Nikki quickly pours and drinks a shot of vodka, then hurries to pop a breath mint in her mouth and hide the glass in her purse when Victor appears with a cup of tea. He’s worried about his baby. Thank God the poison is out of all of us. You’re not fooling me – Victor know what’s going on.

Victor knows Nikki’s putting up a brave front – but she can’t just brush off having alcohol pumped into her veins. Nikki is struggling. and he doesn’t have Kay or Neil to confide in. Nikki will attend the meeting alone – she’ll meet Victor for lunch later (after he checks in on the kids)

Sitting with Lily, Nick doesn’t want to talk about his minor accident. OK – let’s talk about what happened with Nate at Newman. There’s not much to say – Nate was wrong.

Nate’s story doesn’t convince Tucker. He’s shocked that Tucker knows that he’d arranged an extended stay at a clinic on Lake Geneva for That’s confidential information, Nate growls.

About to leave the house, Nikki answers her phone. It’s the burlesque music again. Where do I know that music from? she wonders to herself.

Tucker loves the idea of Victor bouncing off rubber walls in a straight jacket. He and Audra are putting together a team of people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Seems you’re that kind of man.

Nate tried to get rid of my Dad to clear a path for him and Vikki. Lily thinks what Victor did is horrible. Nate’s been a doctor and perhaps he was protecting Victor and the company. Did the punishment fit the crime? If Nick, Vikki or Adam did what Nate did, would they be fired?

My name is Nikki Newman; I’m an alcoholic. She used to have nightmares that she lost her sobriety. The same thing happened – but it wasn’t a dream. My 4+ years of sobriety is over. It wasn’t my fault. An evil woman kidnapped me and hooked me up to a vodka IV. In tears, Nikki worries that the demon has awakened. I didn’t take the first drink – but I took the second and third. Now she must start her sobriety again one minute at a time.