Tuesday, January 30th, 2024

Arriving for their first day as co-CEO’s, Jack and Diane are surprised to find Kyle in the office already. Jack’s proud that his son’s often the first to arrive, last to leave.

Tucker accosts Nate at Society. Are you and Audra an item? None of your business – she’s done with you (and you’re the last to know)

Victor’s summoned Vikki and Nick to the office to report the fire at the prison where Jordan’s incarcerated. She could be dead – she could be out there again.

Audra’s packed up her office and turned in her access key (though not happy about leaving) Running Newman Media alone will be a greater test of your sobriety than my presence ever could be, she warns Nikki.

Victor’s got his guys on it – Claire and Mom don’t need to be worried. Victor then adds that Nikki’s running NM alone – she didn’t want Audra’s support.

Audra appreciates Nikki’s guidance and hope she’s successful with her latest challenge. Leaving the office, Audra texts Tucker – made up your mind?

Knowing Audra’s coming after him, Tucker tells Nate to let her know ‘I’m on to her’.

After Kyle leaves for a meeting, Diane assures Jack that he still feels he should be co-CEO.

When Audra appears, Tucker announces that Nate might come work with them. Nate’s further annoyed when she runs out after him. Yes, Tucker forgives her. Of course, she’s back in – how else will he know what she’s up to?

Nick gives his Dad a good progress report on Adam. Staying out of his relationship with Sally is the best way to keep him in line.

When Nikki calls, Jack assures her that she’s capable of running NM my herself. Don’t question yourself. Ending the call quickly, Nikki now snaps at Vikki for questioning her judgment.