Tuesday, January 30th, 2024

Rejecting Vikki’s offer to step to replace Audra, Nikki’s left looking less confident than she sounds.

Kyle and Diane butt heads a bit over him ‘helping’ her. He’ll back off. She’s proud of him and sure the three of them will do great things.

Vowing that she wants nothing but to help Tucker run Glacade, Audra’s told to keep his jacket – it looks good on you. Rejoining Nate, she didn’t tell Tucker to stay away. Nate wonders why she lied to him.

Nate warns Audra that trying to take Tucker and Glacade down from within will be a big mistake.

Nick’s fine and where he wants to be – working with his Dad at Newman.

At CL’s, Cole’s alarmed to hear about the prison fire. Mom doesn’t know, Vikki frets about her fragile sobriety. Claire shouldn’t be told either. The chances Jordan escaped are slim.

Jack gently tells Kyle that his Mother can develop into her new role without his help. Kyle again agrees to back off.

Nate disappoints Audra – he has no desire to join her in going after Tucker.

Cole and Vikki continue to discuss Claire – who inherited her mother’s goodness and none of the madness on Cole’s side.

Reading breaking news on her tablet, Nikki panics when learning about the fire at Jordan’s prison.