Wednesday, January 31st, 2024

Jack leaves a message for Traci (who’s in Paris with Ashley) As he opens his office door, Nikki barrels into his arms. Oops.

Lucy’s grilling her Dad when Heather makes a timely arrival.

Bonjour Ashley – I know where you are and what you’re doing, Tucker leaves Ashley a message. Are you OK? Traci asks as Ashley relives what happened last time she was at the bistro.

You don’t have to prove yourself, Traci appeals to Ashley (who needs her sister to verify what happened with Tucker) She listens to his voicemail. He wonders how she’ll react when the staff tell her the truth. Sonofabitch, Ashley mutters.

At the GCAC, Kyle needles Tucker about Glacade and ‘loyalty’. He learned what’s truly important – family. You will always be a toxic mess – Glacade will crash and burn.

Victor barks into his phone – find out what happened to Jordan. You got it!? Click.

Nikki slurs to Jack about being a burden to him and Victor. What triggered this? Jack reads the news alert. Jordan might be on her way to kill me – Nikki’s terrified. She wanted one drink to make things better. Jack won’t judge or enable her.

Are we still on for the gallery show? Lucy immediately guesses something’s going on between her parents.

Nikki confides her shame to Jack. The headline sent her to the vodka. One drink became three. Jordan could be coming for me right now. Jack’s supportive – she might have died in the fire. Victor’s security people will protect you. You and I are going to a meeting.

Back at the club, Kyle insists he’s where he wants to be. God, could you be any more na├»ve? Tucker mocks him.

Ashley’s initially relieved when the waiter remembers her rude companion leaving – but he obviously doesn’t recall a chair being thrown or a glass shattered.