Wednesday, January 31st, 2024

Ashley insists that waiter’s wrong. He remembers the scene ‘perfectly’. Traci’s alarmed by Ashley’s shouting.

Tucker knows Kyle’s pissed that his Mom took his job. Kyle wouldn’t expect Tucker to know the satisfaction of working with family. Tucker briefly saw the real Kyle – you chickened out, like Ashley. Step out of your father’s shadow, Tucker leaves Kyle to think.

Lucy eavesdrops as her parents discuss their relationship. Heather can’t live a lie – Lucy suspects. We love each other. We can be a real family again. Daniel was up all night too. This isn’t easy to say ….

No, Daniel isn’t backing away from ‘what happened’ but can’t keep cheating on Lily. Devon said she’s having a hard time – he can’t just fly there to break things off. Heather hates that he’s such an honourable man. Lucy continues to eavesdrop as Heather asks ‘where does that leave us’?

Nikki speaks to the group – she beat this once, she’ll beat it again – with the help of her friends, family and sponsor (Jack)

Traci tries to reassure Ashley – everyone gets confused. OMG – Ashley now believes Tucker bribed the waiter. Hey – how much did Tucker pay you to lie for him? He and Traci look embarrassed.

After the annoyed waiter walks off, Ashley decides she needs to be alone. Traci’s left in distress.

Lucy listens as Heather pressures Daniel. She’s wanted us to get back together for so long. No, Daniel won’t back away. I love you. He must be fair to Lily. Heather can’t help but feel selfish. Nothing will happen, wait it out, be patient, Daniel implores. After they kiss, Lucy summoned out of hiding.

I knew it, Lucy takes credit. She understands that Lily must be told. Group hug.

You bastard! In the streets of Pairs, Ashley calls Tucker. He laughs at the idea that he paid off the waiter. Accept the facts. I’m not delusional! she hangs up.

Asking the waiter if her sister came back, Traci calls Jack to say that Ashley disappeared.

I’m always a phone call away, Jack’s dropped Nikki off at her office. He’s about to leave when Victor appears – what are you doing here????