Thursday, February 1st, 2024

At CL’s, Chelsea frets about Connor not doing well at school. We’ll handle it, Billy reassures – did you talk to Adam?

Their dinner plates untouched, Adam rants about the so-called ‘specialized school’ Connor’s struggling in. Sally’s surprised to hear that he hasn’t spoken to Connor himself – he only feels safe speaking to Chelsea.

Victor repeats his question to Jack – what are you doing here? (Nikki’s office)

Barging into Tucker’s suite, Audra quickly determines that he’s bent out of shape about Ashley – again.

Tucker tells Audra that Ashley accused him of paying off the waiter in Paris. Pathetic, Audra finds his obsession ‘boring’. No, you won’t ‘get over it’. Why do you care? Tucker asks.

Connor sounded so sad, it breaks Chelsea’s heart.

Sally reassures Adam – Connor knows you’d do anything for him. He trusts Chelsea because I wasn’t around for so long, Adam has only himself to blame.

We ran into each other at an AA meeting, Jack reminds Victor that he had an opioid addiction. As Nikki remains silent, the explanation clearly doesn’t appease Victor.

Jack doesn’t appreciate his recovery being questioned. Victor steps around him to ask Nikki what upset her. After Jack escapes, he shrugs off Nikki’s concern about Jordan to scold her about Jack.

Audra insists that she quit Newman Media to take Tucker up on his offer to give her the world. You said I was the one to make your heart race, she’s had enough.