Thursday, February 1st, 2024

Tucker stops Audra from leaving. He’s sorry. Audra wants the truth – did you do what Ashley accuses you of?

Chelsea tells Billy that Adam flew off the handle and blames the school.

Sally knows Connor adores his Dad. Adam wishes he met his saintly Mother.

Back at the office, Jack relays his run in with Victor to Diane. Nikki doesn’t want to tell him that I’m her sponsor. This secret could blow up in her face. It could blow up in yours too, Diane warns.

Victor assures Nikki that if Jordan comes after them again she won’t live long enough to even regret it.

Victor has every confidence in Nikki. If she needs to, she can lean on him. Nikki declines going home – she needs to work. With I love you’s, he heads up to his office.

Diane knows what a bully Victor can be. She can’t believe she was married to him. Jack can’t believe he was married to Nikki. Maybe she told him the truth after I left. Taking out his phone, Jack sees he missed a call from Traci.

Tucker’s sick of Ashley pretending she’s the injured party. A frustrated Audra delivers an ultimatum. Cut Ashley loose or never see me again!

Billy can’t be objective when it comes to Adam. Chelsea doesn’t trust him not to flip out. I told him not to make things worse for Connor – it’s probably too late.

Sally praises Adam as a father. You put Connor in a school he loves. She wishes she had a parent to stand up for her. It matters more than you can imagine.

Jack and Diane listen to Traci’s frantic message. The waiter confirmed Tucker’s version of events. If Ashley didn’t mis-remember, he must have paid off the waiter.

Audra knows what this is really about – Tucker can’t stand to lose. But you’re about to lose something big – ME. Make a choice. Tucker chooses sex with Audra.

I choose you, Tucker gives Audra a kiss.

Still at CL’s, Billy again reassures Chelsea that they’ll handle this dilema. He’s at the counter when Adam calls.

Traci calls Jack from the bistro. Ashley’s on her way back. No, she’s not sure Tucker paid the waiter so will investigate. Jack wants to fly to Paris to be there for his sisters but Nikki needs him.

In his office, Victor makes a call – keep an eye out for my wife to make sure he’s safe. If you see that Jordan woman, call me.

In her office, Nikki’s alarmed when her phone rings from an unknown number. Flashing back to Jordan calling her, she shoves paperwork off her desk and has a panic attack.

Next Week: Tessa’s surprised that Abby asked to meet her without Mariah. I have a proposition for you, Abby smiles …. I haven’t seen you since … Since I saw you kissing Phyllis, Chris finishes Danny’s sentence … Victor finds Nikki hammered at Jimmy’s Bar. Oh no, no no no – what did you do? she looks up to see that Jack’s there too.