Friday, February 2nd, 2024

Adam calls Chelsea from Society to say that he left Connor a message and is now eager to go to the school. Annoyed, Chelsea’s on her way. Billy arrives at CL’s to warn her that Adam will dig in if you tell him what to do.

Devon and Nate are at the club having a follow-up meeting with Sharon about her partnership idea. No, we aren’t waiting for Billy. Devon notices Nate’s (over)reaction when Tucker and Audra come downstairs.

Glad that Ashley came back to the bistro, Traci wants her sister to prepare for the possibility that Tucker didn’t pay the waiter to lie.

Ashley won’t let Tucker get away with this! But she also won’t let Tucker ruin her evening in Paris with her sister. Let’s have some wine. Traci’s alarmed by Ashley’s erratic mood swings.

Devon and Nate are ready to OK the partnership (but still need to speak to Lily and Billy) Happy that they’ll be sending her paperwork this afternoon, Sharon goes to prep her team; leaving Devon to ask Nate what’s going on between him and Audra.

At their table, Tucker’s pretends not to care that Devon’s there. Repeating that he chooses Audra over Ashley, he takes her hand – it’s you and me from now on.

Chelsea ends a call with the school (who lay out a detailed plan to help Connor) After she leaves to meet Adam, Billy’s surprised to hear that Sharon just came from a meeting with Devon and Nate.

Audra and I worked together, Nate hates to see her being sucked back into Tucker’s vortex. She’s nothing but drama, Devon warns.

Everything you wanted with Ashley, you can have with me, Audra wants to talk business with Tucker. He’s ‘all the way in’ too – 100% – but let’s just have a nice lunch.

Traci encourages Ashley to forget Tucker and move on. Looking at her glass of wine, Ashley flashes back to Tucker leaving the bistro (his version, not hers) Traci’s concern increases.