Friday, February 2nd, 2024

Not ready to accept defeat, Ashley considers talking to the waiter again. Let’s just go home, Traci implores. Do you think I’m going crazy? Ashley asks.

At Society, Chelsea relays her talk with the school’s guidance counselor to Adam. They don’t think we should visit Connor yet. Adam’s angry to be left out of the decision-making.

Something caused you to betray us, Devon hints that Nate might be swayed by Audra (like he was by Vikki)

Over lunch, Audra’s not sure that being suspicious of each other is as romantic as Tucker thinks it is. He thinks it’ll be fun to seduce the details of her plan from her.

Back at the club, Devon tells Nate that he didn’t invite Billy to the meeting. He can come to the next one. Nate again looks over at Audra before following his cousin out.

Devon didn’t even glance my way but Nate couldn’t keep his eyes off you, Tucker asks Audra about their relationship. Yes, maybe he is jealous – how much influence does Nate have over you? Never as much as you, Audra reassures.

It’s not about you! Chelsea snaps at Adam, then apologizes for losing her cool. Adam realizes she’s ‘absolutely right’.

Adam thanks Chelsea for making him see what’s best for Connor. He won’t let her blame herself for their sons’ issues. I should have been there for him. Sally’s right – Connor knows you love him, Chelsea reassures. When Connor calls, they’ll talk to him together.

Returning to the office with Nate, Devon denies he purposely excluded Billy from the meeting. Nobody’s making deals behind your back – Nate’s done a fantastic job with this deal. Billy reminds Devon that they need to stick together to thwart Tucker. Get me those numbers, he barks before marching out.

Traci’s not implying that something’s wrong with Ashley’s mental state. It’s just best that we go home. I’ll call the jet. I’m not leaving, Ashley refuses.

We love you, Chelsea and Adam end their call with Connor as Billy arrives at Society to comment that it’s nice to see them cooperating. You’re lucky to have her (Chelsea) in your life, Adam leaves Billy to agree.

Devon won’t let his guard down; he’s keeping his eyes open (re: Tucker) Nate thinks he’ll be busy with Glacade and the new board he hired. If Tucker is making a move, Nate thinks it might be good to keep Audra as a friend.

Back upstairs, Audra wants to know Tucker’s plan. Did I make a mistake opening up to you? she asks. No, he promises with a kiss.

Ashley needs to stay and talk to a friend in Paris who can bring her peace of mind. She insists Traci go home without her.

My Thoughts: You don’t have to be a strict environmentalist to know that it’s highly wasteful and irresponsible for Traci and Ashley to have taken Jabot’s private jet to Paris, never mind Traci taking it home all by herself. Take a commercial flight; first class if you’re too good for coach… How unfortunate that two of GC’s strongest female characters will be overpowered by their demons; Nikki’s drinking and Ashley’s mental stability (which hasn’t been an issue for 20-ish years) … I don’t care how highly recommended Connor’s school is, I wouldn’t wait for ‘parents day’ to visit. And why has there been no mention of Anita? …. How can Billy be so supportive of Chelsea and Adam, then be such an insufferable ass when it comes to Chancellor Winters. Did Chance ever make it to his first day of work? .. If Sharon has a ‘team’ why doesn’t she have an office to meet Devon and Nate at?