Monday, February 5th, 2024

Devon and Abby are at Society, AKA, the coolest place in town. You won’t need any luck, he reassures as Tessa arrives – right on time.

Jack’s summoned Lauren to his office. He’s happy to hear how great business is, but has a favour to ask.

In Victor’s office, he and the kids discuss Jordan; she might be dead, or hitch-hiking her way to GC. He will protect Nikki by knowing where she is every second of the day.

Nikki answers her office phone – hello? Hello? Hanging up, she’s relieved to find no missed calls on her cell. Leave me alone! she screams when her office line rings again.

After an update on Aria, Devon leaves Tessa to wonder why Abby wanted to see her (without Mariah) Her modeling at Marchetti? ‘Sporadic’. Abby has a proposition for her.

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Nikki grabs her purse, coat, phone and leaves her office in a hurry.

Getting a call, Victor’s puzzled – a ride share? Follow her and keep me posted.

Jack updates Lauren that Nikki’s in a tailspin and has no help at Newman Media. It’s a recipe for disaster. She needs someone who’s kind and discreet, Jack asks Lauren to step in and help Nikki.

At CL’s, Vikki and Cole debate whether Claire should be told that Jordan may be dead or on the loose. She needs to hear it from us. That woman will never hurt our daughter again, Cole vows.

Jack’s sure Lauren could step in to help Nikki with ‘internal stuff’ and that Victor won’t object. Lauren’s agreeable but will Nikki see this for what it is? Me making sure she doesn’t drink.

Entering a seedy bar with her sunglasses on, Nikki takes a seat at a booth in the corner and signals the bartender.

Getting a call, Victor’s soon on his way to The Empty Glass.

In Victor’s office, Nick comments on Adam being distracted and encourages his brother to open up. Let’s talk – no judgment.

Claire’s happy to put her journal aside when her parents visit. There’s no easy way to tell you this, they report that Jordan’s missing. Claire immediately suspects that the fire could be a distraction.