Monday, February 5th, 2024

Nikki needs a right-hand and Jack thinks she’d be happy to have Lauren (who’s ‘in’)

Victor comes in to ask the bartender if he’s seen a woman fitting Nikki’s description who’s been drinking. He hands over some money to get the conversation moving.

Set to join the board at Chancellor Winters, Abby would like Tessa to be Society’s ‘day manager’.

Abby lists reasons why Tessa would be perfect to run Society. How soon can you give me an answer? Tomorrow! Tessa’s excited too.

Over beers at the GCAC, Adam tells Nick about Connor’s issues at school and that Sally and Chelsea calmed him down. His ‘growth’ praised, Adam just wants his son to have the peace he was never able to achieve as a kid.

Claire wouldn’t put it past Jordan to start a fire to escape. Cole and Vikki will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Hiding in the corner, Nikki sends Jack a text message full of typos (asking that he call Victor to lead him away from her)

Jack can’t thank Lauren enough. Oh boy, they struggle to read Nikki’s text.

Making mistakes is the only way kids learn, Nick opines. Swallowing his pride, Adam could really use some of his brothers’ wisdom.

When Claire asks if Nikki’s been able to counter the effects of Jordan pumping alcohol into her, body Cole thinks it a good step that she’s laying the blame where it belongs – with Jordan.

Tessa leaves as Devon returns to hear that Abby’s excited about coming onboard at Chancellor Winters.

Knowing it was hard for Adam to ask for his advice, Nick tells him to be cool, calm, trust the professionals, do your own research. Get a second opinion from Sharon. If the school isn’t up to par, Nick will go raise hell with his brother.

Claire’s happy about doing well in therapy and Cole and Vikki are happy that their daughter is healing on all fronts.

The bartender couldn’t say what the woman was drinking. Jack calls Victor – it’s about Nikki. My office, 15 minutes, Victor leaves Nikki to heave a sigh of relief as she watches him exit the bar.