Tuesday, February 6th, 2024

Danny looks happy to see Chris at CL’s. I haven’t seen you since … Since I saw you kiss Phyllis, Chris thinks his silence speaks volumes – you don’t know what you want. Look who’s finally come up for air, Phyllis bounces in to grin at Danny (who looks pleased to see her)

In one of their identical suites, Audra wants to talk business. Tucker’s amused by her eagerness to hear his ‘master plan’.

Nikki leans on the jukebox to send Jack a ‘tank you’ text. When he calls, she agrees to send him the address so he can send a car. Ending the call as Victor arrives at Newman, Jack doesn’t feel it fair to keep him in the dark anymore.

Nikki sits to enjoy her vodka on the rocks.

Jack tells Victor that he’s Nikki’s sponsor – she loves you and doesn’t want to put you through this again. She thought you wouldn’t understand Nikki needs all the help she can get right now. The last thing she needs is to be confronted on her choice of sponsor.

At Society, Traci tells Abby that her Mom stayed in Paris to talk to a friend and will need their ‘coordinated reaction’ when she gets home. Traci goes on to relay what happened with the waiter; and there’s even more Ashley doesn’t know.

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Tablet in hand, Audra goes over the list of cosmetics companies Tucker wants to fold into Glacade to take on Jabot. Audra’s annoyed – thinking he had moved on from Jabot.

You didn’t answer any of my phone calls, Phyllis chides Danny – then reminisces about when they were married. He repeats that he’s been in the studio and just wants the dynamic between the three of them to end – I’ve had enough.

Chris has no interest in a competition with Phyllis (or even bickering with her) Maybe you want to be with me, Phyllis suggests to Danny. That’s the last thing you want to hear, right? she taunts as Chris sighs at the counter.

Tucker wants to roll 6 cosmetics companies into Glacade to compete with Jabot (with Audra at his side)

Traci spoke to others who corroborated Tucker’s non-violent version of events as opposed to the scene Ashley recounted. It’s best we tell Ashley when she gets home. My Mom doesn’t lie or exaggerate, Abby doesn’t understand. Traci needs to speak to Jack asap.

Victor doesn’t approve of Nikki asking Jack to help conceal her drinking. You aren’t helping her – you’re giving her permission to drink more!

After Traci leaves, Abby calls to leave her Mom an ‘I love you’ message.

Audra admits it’d be her dream position but where will Tucker find the capital to buy all these companies? There’s a sea of it out there, he’s confident.