Tuesday, February 6th, 2024

Jack thinks Victor should focus on what sent Nikki over the edge this time. She trusts me but needs both of us. Will you let that happen? Honestly, Victor’s very damned worried about Nikki.

Nikki answers her phone to hear the familiar stripper music. I hope you’re coming for me, she slurs – I dare ya! Ending the call, she staggers over to the window to look through the blinds. I’ll be waiting, she slurs *hic*

After being locked in the studio for a while now, Danny declares both is exes special to him. He wants to be able to help Phyllis without all ‘this’. You’re lumping me in with her? Chris is insulted. Yes, maybe Danny is.

Why is Jack coming clean now? Because he can see how worried Victor is. He didn’t want him to find out by accident. We need to help Nikki get sober. That’s one thing we can agree on, Victor admits. Jack hopes he agrees with him being Nikki’s sponsor. She wants to be sober.

Bonjour, Tucker comes down the staircase to greet Traci. You know Ashley was wrong about everything – hopefully, you can convince her of that.

Traci’s a bit disgusted that Tucker feels he’s owed information about Ashley, regardless of what the truth is. Things are over between you – leave my sister alone. After Traci marches out, Tucker assures Audra that she’s right – he’s moving on.

Danny stops Chris from leaving. What he feels for Phyllis is friendship. He should be able to be friends with the mother of his son. Taking a step back to let things cool off is what’s best for all of us, he leaves Chris to shake his head at Phyllis – you always find a way to ruin everything for everyone around you!

Phyllis isn’t ruining anything except Chris’ fantasy – Danny’s just not that into you. Chris mocks her – it’s embarrassing the way you throw yourself at Danny. So desperate to hang on to Danny after losing Paul. You don’t want to go there. Gauntlet thrown, Chris accepts the challenge and leaves.

Tucker blathers on about the Abbott’s – I was an idiot not to realize how codependent they all are. Audra hopes he’s ready to give up the great love of his life. Ashley’s dead to me, Tucker vows.

Traci comes home to leave Jack a message – we need strategy to help Ashley. Call me when you get this.

Nikki asked me to be her sponsor, Jack repeats – this is her call, not yours. Jack pulls out his phone. She’s still at the bar, he updates. I’m coming with you, Victor grabs his coat.