Wednesday, February 7th, 2024

When Daniel strolls into CL’s, Devon wastes no time asking if he’s broken up with Lily yet. No? So, the plan is to keep cheating on her?

Meanwhile, at Daniel’s, Lucy raves about having her family back together. Heather reassures her that it’ll happen but Lucy worries that Dad might change his mind when he sees Lily.

At the revolving door, Phyllis tells Diane how nice she looks. Diane has good news to share – a promotion. Head of Rubber Band Balls? Phyllis quips. No, Diane’s running Jabot, alongside her husband.

Nikki’s putting the ’empty glass’ in The Empty Glass when Victor arrives to peel her off the table she’s fused to. Spotting Jack, she’s incensed – no, no, no – what did you do?!

This is your fault. I confided in you, Nikki blames Jack as Victor struggles to lift her to her feet. Jack grabs Nikki’s purse and holds the door open so that Victor can haul his wife out the door.

Devon’s not placated to hear that Daniel and Heather have put things on hold but can’t say that it’s a good idea for Daniel to fly to California to break off with Lily. He also doesn’t appreciate being put in the position of having to lie to keep Daniel’s secret.

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Heather’s confident in Daniel’s love for her – be patient. She and Lucy head out to CL’s as Danny comes home to claim that his problem is coming up with song lyrics.

Phyllis boasts that she has someone in her life who cares for her – so much better than a pity-job from a husband, she leaves Diane to stew.

A stressed Jack comes home to pour himself a drink and flash back to an argument with Victor decades ago. If Nikki was married to me, she wouldn’t be drinking! Victor had bellowed. When Diane comes home, Jack relays the incident with Nikki and Victor. He doesn’t get to call the shots! Jack WILL continue as Nikki’s sponsor.

Heather understands and likes Lily, Daniel claims. Devon scoffs – yeah, he can see how much Heather likes Lily. Defending Heather, Daniel didn’t plan any of this and is trying to figure out how to do right by everyone. ‘And who are you to judge, fellow-cheater??’ he basically says.

You didn’t intend to hurt Amanda, Daniel reminds Devon that he cheated with Abby but is now where he belongs. Lily was my first love, an incredible person. Then what happened? Devon asks.