Wednesday, February 7th, 2024

On the drive home, in the back seat, Victor’s supportive of Nikki but not of her choice in sponsor. Nikki isn’t choosing Jack over Victor. Please don’t take this from me, she implores.

Nikki needs something to eat – and to see Jack. So they can convince Victor that he’s the best sponsor for her. Victor intends to give Jack a piece of his mind.

Yes, Daniel sees a future with Heather. He’ll never take her for granted again. If Lily asks, Devon won’t lie to her. On his way out, he politely greets Heather and Lucy. Hearing that grandpa’s upset, Daniel thinks he should go check on him. Sending Lucy to the counter to order, Heather’s updated on the chat with Devon – see you back at the apartment. To being a family again, Lucy clinks Heather’s mug. Phyllis bursts in to ask what they’re celebrating (and hear that Daniel went to check on Danny – he’s upset about something)

Jack won’t let this disease take his friend down. On cue, the doorbell rings. Diane’s face to face with a grim faced Victor and a sheepish Nikki.

Things aren’t finished between the two of us, Victor wags his finger at Jack and warns Diane to keep her mouth shut. Diane suddenly needs to go pick up a folder at the office. Nikki’s sobered up a bit – she’s no longer mad that Jack told Victor the truth. You’re a man of integrity. You didn’t want to keep this from Victor. That was Nikki’s idea – she doesn’t want to be a burden.

Daniel comes home to question his Dad. You’re usually happy when making music. Romance is a pain in the neck, Danny relays Phyllis kissing him – Chris seeing it. My God, how could you not know Mom better than that? Daniel’s alarmed – what are you gonna do? Back away from both of them. Danny’s love for Chris is different from his duty towards Phyllis. Daniel understands why Chris is uncomfortable and can relate to relationship issues; Heather and I are back together. No, Lily doesn’t know. Yes, Lucy knows. Heather’s the love of your life, Danny’s happy for him. Any advice for Dad? Buckle up, Buttercup, Daniel says as he opens the door. Shocker – it’s Phyllis.

Phyllis came to invite Daniel out for dinner since the girls are out and about. Dinner? Daniel balks. Stepping into the hallway to answer Lily’s call, Daniel misses her too. Phyllis puts the moves on Danny – he’s still upset about the video she posted to get to Chris – there is no ‘us’. Phyllis pleads for just one chance. I might give you something you didn’t even know you needed. This isn’t going to happen, Danny resists temptation and escapes when Daniel returns. Phyllis is trying to convince Daniel that she and Danny belong together when Chris gets off the elevator to see Danny.

Nikki needs someone who won’t let her down – Jack. He made things worse, Victor scowls. Nikki needs a sponsor she has faith in – she needs Jack. Victor, please, it’s my call – respect it. Victor reluctantly agrees but if anything happens to Nikki there’ll be hell to pay, he warns Jack.