Thursday, February 8th, 2024

Refusing to discuss Heather, Daniel feels like his Mom’s the aggressor who’s only interested in his Dad to piss off Christine.

Wow, Cricket, what brings you here? Danny’s surprised. Chris wants to clear the air – can we go inside and talk? Danny squirms.

Jack updates Diane that Nikki’s no longer mad at him and wants him to remain her sponsor. He also relays Victor’s reluctant support and warning.

Joining Audra at Society’s bar, Nate wonders if public hand-holding is part of her scheme – or is she falling for Tucker?

At the club’s bar, Billy won’t talk to Tucker about Ashley. You’re a hollow man who feeds on retribution – move on.

On the private jet, Ashley’s memories, false and real, bring her to tears.

Jack loves Diane for supporting him being Nikki’s sponsor. Honestly, Diane’s not sure he can help – perhaps Nikki’s too far gone.

Tucker just wants to defend himself against Ashley and not run into her; she and Billy are the angry ones, not him. Billy has all the things Tucker never will – including kids who love him.

Back at Society, Nate hopes Audra falling for Tucker doesn’t cost her another job. When Maime arrives, Audra offers her seat. Don’t worry about me, I have my eyes wide open, she adds on her way out.

Danny doesn’t want to argue. Chris just wants to continue the important conversation Phyllis barged in on. One coffee, Danny agrees.

Daniel won’t be fooled into believing his Mom’s innocent (after the video she posted online) Phyllis compares her situation with Danny to Daniel reconnecting with Heather.

This is about you and your disregard for other people, Daniel argues with ‘the new Phyllis’ – he doesn’t see any difference.

Audra reminds Maime of a young Jill Abbott – stay away, she wags her finger at Nate. Pleased with her decision to bring Nate back into the family business, Maime asks how he’s getting along with Billy.

Mocking Billy for trying to take the moral high ground, Tucker would enjoy seeing him take Jabot away from Jack. Billy’s left unable to hide the fact that it’s true; he does crave power.