Friday, February 9th, 2024

Neither of us has a kitchen in our suite – we’re bound to run into Ashley and when they do, Audra believes she’ll see the love/hate on Tucker’s face. He suggests they buy their own restaurant. Audra caves – she’s sick of Ashley too. Maybe what she learned in Paris will shut her up.

Billy rants to Chelsea about Tucker. But, something he said stuck with me – that I’m power hungry. Chelsea laughs – crazy, right?

Nikki confesses that she hid a bottle of vodka right over here but it’s gone now. You’ll be alright, Victor and Vikki tell her. After she goes upstairs to lay down, Victor shares the news that Jack is Nikki’s sponsor.

Victor explains that his guys followed Nikki to a dive bar. Jack was the one to tell him that he was Nikki’s sponsor. They found her passed out on a table. Vikki doesn’t think it fair to blame Jack for respecting Mom’s wishes. It’s his job to keep her from drinking, Victor argues.

Jack thinks the most important thing is that Ashley walks away from Tucker.
Traci thinks the most important thing is what happened is the truth of what happened in Paris.
Ashley thinks her family betraying her is most important. Are you questioning my sanity? OMG, she runs out in tears. Let her go, Diane doesn’t want to make things worse but has to ask – what was the point of all that??

Billy believes his Mom should be more represented at her company – it should be called Abbott Winters.

Chelsea points out that Chancellor is a tribute to Katherine. Fair point, Billy suggests ‘ACW’; Abbott-Chancellor-Winters. You want to stake a claim to this company, Chelsea concludes.

Vikki thinks it wise to respect Mom’s wishes when it comes to Jack – does she need rehab? Victor wants to keep her safe, at home. Vikki worries that Jordan is the one calling Mom.

Nikki tosses and turns before awakening from a nightmare in which she’s a homeless drunk clutching a bottle of vodka outside the club.

Traci’s seen firsthand that Ashley’s being ‘torn apart’. Diane repeats – it’s made things worse. What just happened is counter-productive. Jack suggests they give Ashley time and space. Traci believes only one thing will force her to move forward – knowing the truth so Tucker can’t use it against her anymore.

Tucker apologizes to Audra. For what? How blind he’s been in thinking Ashley was the good thing in his life. It was you all this time. You’re my best friend. It’s you. As they kiss, Ashley comes banging. Damnit! Open the door!!

Billy’s happy to be his Mom’s eyes and ears and wants to add her name to the company. Chelsea wonders how Devon and Lily will react. My Mom’s earned it, she deserves it, Billy maintains.

Vikki relays something disturbing that Claire said – Jordan once made a comment that fire makes a good distraction if things get too risky for them. Victor will do everything in his power to make sure that woman doesn’t come near this house.

Still in bed, Nikki calls Jack to say that she’s home, safe and not angry that he told Victor. When she admits not having confidence to overcome this day, Jack vows to come to the ranch any time Nikki needs him. I’m here for you – just call. In the background, Diane sighs unhappily.

‘I need to see you. Immediately’, Ashley texts from the dining room. Alas, while she’s busy drinking martinis, Tucker’s busy in bed with Audra.