Friday, February 23rd, 2024

At CW, Ester listens to Billy and Devon going at it as usual. Timidly entering in the office, she couldn’t help but overhear. You could be doing great things for Chancellor instead of bickering, she points out.

Still in the dining room, Tucker tells Audra not to be paranoid – why look for trouble when things are going so well? Audra again nags him about Ashley.

At the house, Traci updates Jack on Ashley’s change of heart. Even more worrying, she fears Ashley might forgive Tucker and try again. His head on a swivel, Jack’s biting his lip as Ashley comes down.

Ashley makes it clear that she spent the night at the club in her own room. It makes no sense that Tucker would pay off the wait staff in Paris – he had nothing to gain. Jack and Traci assume she can get on with her life now. If only it was that easy, Ashley sighs.

Audra won’t let it go. Last night Ashley was all possessive and said we’ll never last. Now you’re all preoccupied. Sorry, what were you saying? Tucker’s joke doesn’t go over well. When Audra asks if he saw Ashley over the past 24 hours, Tucker’s had enough – you’re more obsessed with Ashley than I ever was.

Ester’s good at reading ‘situations and emotions’. You (Devon) resent having to work with Billy. Billy, you resent Devon resenting you. Take a minute to think of how upset John and Neil would be. After Ester clip clops out, Devon and Billy agree that she’s not wrong.

No sooner have Billy and Devon resolved their business matter, Nate and Chance arrive at the office to blow their minds. Chance has an idea he’s put a lot of work in to; a music festival. Nate beams proudly at his side. Great presentation, Devon wants to fast track the idea. After he leaves for a meeting, Billy doesn’t think Chance’s idea is ready to be fast tracked. What the hell just happened? Chance is left stunned. Nate suspects Billy’s pissed that Chance didn’t take the idea to him first. Chance felt blind sided – he can rely on Nate more than his own mentor.

Getting testy, Ashley’s in control and can decide what’s best for herself. Jack and Traci aren’t happy that she won’t commit to letting Tucker go.

Sit down, Audra apologizes. She’s not familiar with feeling insecure. Things are going so well for us. Tucker promises it’ll stay that way – but then lets it slip that he did indeed talk to Ashley last night.

Preaching honesty, Audra’s alarmed to hear that Ashley broke into Tucker’s suite claiming to have had an epiphany. It’s over between Ashley and me – it’s finished, he insists. Audra saw fire in Ashley’s eyes last night. She wants you back.

When Billy comes home, Ashley leaves Jack and Traci to wonder ‘what the hell was that?’. Both worry she wants to reconnect with Tucker. Ashley seems like her old self to Billy (who implies his siblings are making a bid deal out of nothing)