Wednesday, March 6th, 2024

Parked at the end of the driveway, Vikki and Victor watch the raging inferno in horror. That’s my home, she wails to the firefighter who approaches her car.

Back at the ranch with Nikki, Claire’s equally convinced that Jordan set the fire – she couldn’t wait to burn my Mom’s house to the ground (thinking I was in there too!)

Tucker checks his watch and opens his door – something wrong? You actually sound concerned, Abby walks in to ask what game he’s playing with her Mom now??

Jack comes down in his pajamas to ask Ashley what’s keeping her up so late. Besides the drink, she’s not sure.

Ashley was so exhausted she fell asleep in her clothes. She describes the bad dream that woke her up – Jack and Traci were shouting – Tucker was translating; it made sense. I wasn’t myself, she’s confused – I was someone I didn’t know.

Abby accuses Tucker of messing with her Mom’s head – she saw something in you know one else ever has! What did you do?! Tucker’s noted that Ashley’s been acting a bit strange since she came back from Paris. He doesn’t really care – he’s moved on.

Everything my kids and I know and love are in that house! Vikki cries. Victor thanks the firefighter (who explains that all they can do is stop the fire from spreading to the woods – you have to leave)

Nikki’s venting to Claire about Jordan when Victor calls to update that he and Vikki are on their way home. How is she??? Devastated.

First Seth and now this – I can’t handle it! Nikki rattles glasses at the bar. How can Claire help? Tell me something to distract me. Claire soothes her grandmother by talking about her little friend, Nadia.

We’re over your lies, deceit and manipulation – you don’t know the affect it has on your son and grandson! Abby continues. Has Ashley done something? Tucker asks. Yes, she tried to talk Devon into forgiving you!

Jack hates to say it but are you sure you want Tucker out of your life? He’s horrified when Ashley admits she’s not sure – sometimes she feels like she should give him another chance.

Jack hates what Tucker’s done to Ashley – how can I help you break the cycle? Ashley must do this alone (but again seems confused as to what ‘this’ is) Maybe reach out to your psychologist friend in Paris, Jack suggests.