Thursday, March 7th, 2024

At Society to see her wife, Mariah can immediately see that something’s bothering Tessa.

Tucker gives Ashley the cold shoulder on the phone – he’s going to Paris in the morning with Audra. Trust me – when we talk face to face you’re going to rethink everything, Ashley promises.

Thanking Jack for coming, Nikki shows him the reason she called – an unopened bottle of vodka she’d stashed in a cushion.

Still in the alley, Jordan calls Victor as he’s reading in bed – is this a good time?

Jordan read about the fire online – no casualties? Where is Claire residing? Victor claims that he wants to make amends – and to put an end to this horrible story.

Nikki almost opened the bottle – it’s been a rough night; her former sponsor’s murder – the fire at Vikki’s.

In Tucker’s suite, Ashley only needs five minutes. Abby warned me to stay away from you. She’s confused and so is Tucker – he suspects Ashley’s playing games. No, Ashley wants Tucker back, personally and professionally. It’s not gonna happen, he snaps. So why did you invite me up here? Ashley asks.

Ashley has no ulterior motive – I’m after one thing. Tucker backs away. We love each other, Ashley wants him to meet her half way. That’s enough, he barks – it’s not gonna work.

Over wine at Society, Tessa tells Mariah that a guard on the Newman property thought she was the woman tormenting the family. Maybe it’s time to move.

Nikki tells Jack that Seth was sober and not suicidal. Jordan killed him to send me a message – and burned Vikki’s house down. Yes, Victor and his security team are on it but they can’t be everywhere. When Jack suggests they go to a meeting, Nikki agrees immediately.

Victor’s touched by Jordan’s loyalty to her sister – he regrets the way he treated Eve. Let’s meet somewhere. Both suspect they’re walking into a trap – but, Victor’s willing to take that chance, is Jordan?

With their and Aria’s safety in jeopardy, Mariah and Tessa agree it’s time to move out of the tack house and into their own home.

At an AA meeting, Nikki talks about how she lost her sobriety and that her long-time sponsor (who most of them know) died tonight. Jordan killed him. In tears, she unburdens her guilt. Seth would want us all to be strong. Nikki life’s mission is to make sure that monstrous bitch pays – with her life; in unbearable agony. Jack seems taken aback by her anger.