Friday, March 8th, 2024

A drunken, woe-is-me Phyllis wobbles over to Nick at the lounge’s bar. What’s going on? he asks. Buy me a drink and I’ll tell ya, she bargains.

Nikki nags Victor until he confides that he’s going to meet Jordan – everything’s under control.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s dancing around in the alley with a gun.

Victor repeats that he has things under control – ‘that woman’ won’t cause anymore problems for our family. Mike arrives – this is really happening tonight? Everything’s arranged, he confirms (though doesn’t like the legal risks he and Victor are taking) After they leave, Claire comes down to find Nikki worrying.

Sometimes you have to annihilate the darkness, Phyllis has had an epiphany – trying to change is a waste of time. Not true, Nick takes a sip of his beer as he looks at the extension Phyllis has just pulled out and plopped on the bar.

Don’t say his name, Phyllis shushes Nick. Danny doesn’t want her – he wants someone else. I only wanted him for revenge, she mopes – I can’t change. This is who I am, she weeps. Nick disagrees – you DID change. Instead of a drink, he wants to buy her some junk food. Agreeing to buy Phyllis room service, he guides her out.

Claire wants to hear how Nikki Reid met Victor Newman. You asked for it, fasten your seat-belt, Nikki warns wryly.

In the alley, Mike thinks they should have police backup. One favour – don’t make me a liar to my wife. Lauren has nothing to worry about, Victor claims – as Jordan appears to point a gun at them.

Victor kept his word and only brought his lawyer (no sniper on the rooftop) Mike drops a bag at Jordan’s feet – a bank account with ten million bucks in it – a new IS; passport etc. a house in the South of France. You can leave the US and start a new life.

Nikki starts with her late teens – she was naive and premiscuous; signing with a modelling agency that turned out to be prostitution, a commune that turned out to be a cult. Victor plucked her out of a strip club and turned her into a lady (she flashes back to Victor encouraging her on the piano) When did Eve Howard come into your lives? Claire asks.