Monday, March 11th, 2024

Billy’s text interrupts Chance and Summer starting their day with sex. I’m back, we need to meet asap, his text reads.

Rough night? Billy finds a hungover Phyllis wearing sunglasses and sipping a Bloody Mary at Society.

At Newman, Adam tells Nick that Chelsea stayed to take care of Connor – he came back to get some of Connor’s things. Nick’s sympathetic and supportive. Where’s Dad? Adam was supposed to meet him.

Nick updates Adam that Vikki’s house burned down last night. Both get a text from Mike – come to the ranch; it’s important. Having something to take care of, Nick sends Adam on ahead – I’ll meet you at the ranch.

Oh, thank God! Nikki’s relief is short lived, however when just Mike walks in. Where’s Victor!? Why isn’t he with you???

In the passenger seat, pointing a gun at Victor, Jordan tells him to drive 10 more miles down this road; don’t think about doing anything foolish. A man of his word, Victor intends to see this through to the very end.

What does the family think about me living a life of luxury in France on your dime? Jordan wonders. Ranting about Claire’s betrayal, she asks; Are you welcoming her into the family or are you using her like you did Eve?

Nikki demands Mike tell her every detail. No, Jordan hasn’t been arrested – he’ll say more when the rest of the family arrives (per Victor’s instructions)

Basically told to buzz off by Phyllis, Billy calls Chance to summon him for a breakfast meeting. Don’t wait on me, Chance will be there when he can (after a shower with Summer)

Billy rejoins Phyllis – he’s not only a good talker, he’s a fantastic listener. Removing her sunglasses, Phyllis appreciates the effort but doesn’t want to talk. Besides – shouldn’t you be at CW? Staking your claim? (seems Amanda told her everything about the power play going on between Billy and Devon)

To sexy jazz sax, Chance and Summer lather one another up in the shower.