Tuesday, March 12th, 2024

At Society, Sally gives Adam a supportive hug. He milks it. On top of the issues with Connor, his father’s life is in the hands of a madwoman.

Nikki’s upstairs getting some rest (which Cole thinks Vikki needs too) and Claire’s in the kitchen making snacks. Mike and Cole reassure Vikki that Victor and Nick are both fine.

Back so soon, Devon quips when Billy strolls into the office (followed by Chance) Yeah – did you miss me? he grins.

Over breakfast, Lucy’s babbling to her parents about prom when Lily walks in with a bag of groceries. All are stunned and silent.

Mike’s sure that Victor will prevail – he’s escaped more dangerous situations than this. None of us could have changed his mind. Cole feels guilty about what his family has put the Newman family through. Vikki won’t let him blame himself. Mike watches her take Cole’s hand.

Listing Jordan’s crimes, Adam tells Sally that his father made a deal with this lunatic. I’m afraid for him, and my son. Sally takes his hands across the table – I’m here for you.

It was peaceful with you (Billy) gone, Devon admits – no one trying to exert their power inappropriately. Like Aunt Maime? Billy informs that Amanda told Jill about Maime’s plan to split the company in two. She wants Jill run out of the company. He asks Devon if he wouldn’t be happier if the merge was in name only. Chance watches silently.

Lily was going to surprise Daniel with lunch ‘but it looks like I’m the one who’s surprised’ – hi Lucy, hi Heather.

Mike asks Vikki how she’s holding up; this is a lot of weight for you to bear. It’s good that Cole came back into your life. Hopefully he stays – he’s good for you, and Claire. Yes, Mike would like to see them back together.

Sally encourages Adam – she knows both he and Victor will prevail in doing what’s best for their families.