Wednesday, March 13th, 2024

Meeting Daniel at Society, Heather asks how Lily took the news. Lucy was worried you wouldn’t want to hurt her. Lucy was worried? Daniel suspects it was really Heather.

Marching into the office, Lily barks at Devon – you knew about Daniel and Heather but didn’t tell me!?

Audra’s excitedly packing when Tucker enters her suite to wish she hadn’t made dinner reservations in Paris just yet.

Over lunch at the club, Abby worries about how distracted her Mom is. Please tell me you aren’t thinking about Tucker, she annoys Ashley.

Repeatedly warning Abby to stop asking her about Tucker, Ashley finally manages to change the subject. As Abby prattles on about joining CW’s board, she zones out – Ashley’s daughter is such a nosy, pain in the ass.

Tucker gives Audra the bad news that two of the ‘key’ people they’re scheduled to meet with in Paris can’t make it until next month. Audra immediately guesses he’s lying – this is about Ashley!

Daniel and I chatted on the phone for months! Furious that neither he nor Devon told her, she wants to slap them both.

Lily tells Devon that Daniel admitted that he never stopped loving Heather. She’s not angry at her brother, she’s just really sad.

Telling Lily was hard; she took it as expected but wasn’t all that surprised. I may have been too honest with her – I told her I never stopped loving you (music to Heather’s ears) He’s sorry he hurt Lily but otherwise has no regrets.

Suddenly needing to leave, Ashley jumps up. Abby’s even more puzzled.

Tucker denies postponing the trip has anything to do with Ashley. It’s a business decision. OK, maybe Audra DOES want to see the emails/proof. Tucker cleverly goes on the offence – I’m out! (he slams out)

At the bottom of the stairs, Ashley convinces Abby that she’s over Tucker then sends her on her way. As luck would have it, Tucker comes downstairs. Noting that he looks angry, she wonders if Audra’s the cause.

Tucker asks Ashley what’s going on inside her head – you put on a helluva show last night. Care to hear my theories? Yes, if it means spending more time together – want to go upstairs? her suggestion is declined. Like Audra, Ashley doesn’t believe Tucker’s reason for postponing Paris. Come with me, he leads the way. Ashley eagerly follows.