Thursday, March 14th, 2024

Victor really is fearless – going with Jordan at gun-point as her hostage. Victor won’t keep her locked up indefinitely, will he? Claire asks Vikki.

Nice to meet you – we’ll be in touch, Kyle and Summer reject yet another nanny. Harrison’s not taking to any of them.

Still at CL’s, Sally’s sorry for blurting out relationship advice. Audra thanks her for listening. Adam comes over – it’s scary to see you two together. We have a lot in common, Sally grins at her new friend.

In the jazz lounge, Tucker pushes Ashley away – this is not working.

You’re either setting me up for something or going through something – psychologically. Ashley has a third option – I’m sincere about giving you everything you wanted. Still not convinced, Tucker leaves Ashley to her drink and headache.

Nope, Sally and Audra aren’t just two high powered business women unfairly fired from Newman Media, Their bond is being involved with complicated, unpopular men. Heading back to the club, Audra thanks Sally for the advice – you’ll be the first to hear. Advice? Adam’s curious.

Summer appreciates that Kyle explains to Harrison that Mom loves him very much but has a busy job and can’t move in. Mom! Harrison calls out – his parents run upstairs.

Brought downstairs and sat between Kyle and Summer, Harrison tells them about his bad dream – someone came and took me away. We’ll find you a nice, new nanny. Harrison wants his Mommy or Linda. Let’s go to the book store, then CL’s for hot chocolate – all three of us.

Yes, my father would do anything to protect the family (which now includes Claire) Vikki adds that Jordan can’t hurt them anymore – it’s all over. Claire would like to go somewhere. Vikki thinks it a great idea.

Sally’s happy to have a new friend. Adam warns her to proceed with caution when it comes to Audra. She might have an agenda. The advice? he asks again. Personal, is all Sally will say. Adam has news – Victor’s home safe and sound. Also, he’s going back to see Connor. Sally’s supportive – you’re being the best parent you can be,

Upstairs, Ashley eyes Tucker (he’s ordered a double bourbon) As Audra comes through the revolving door, Ashley’s parting words are to give up – I’ve got him right where I want him. Joining Tucker at the bar, Audra’s not happy to hear that Ashley kissed him again.