Friday, March 15th, 2024

The doctor tells Chelsea and Adam that Connor would benefit from ERP – Exposure Response and Prevention; facing it and learning to manage. Intentionally expose him to things that make him anxious? Adam’s skeptical. The doctor explains that he’ll be supervised and it’ll take place in a special school. A hospital, Connor’s not onboard.

Break ups are hard – you don’t have to cover for me, Billy points out that Ashley’s never called him bro. She was trying to sound cool – epic fail. Summoned to the office, Billy again worries about his sister. After he leaves, Ashley calls the bartender ‘Sir’ and orders ginger ale with a cherry.

Taking her ginger ale to a table, Ashley refuses to ‘go back in’. I’m going to protect her!

At home, Harrison asks Summer and Kyle when they’ll see Claire again.

When Vikki and Claire get to the ranch, Victor shares Nikki’s plan – talk her out of it. Arms folded, Nikki needs to confront Jordan to regain her power. Kindly tell your Mother it’s a bad idea, Victor’s surprised when Vikki and Claire not only support Nikki, they want to go too.

It IS my call to make, Victor points out that they don’t know where Jordan is – end of story. The three women pile on – we need this for closure.

Dr Alcott tells Connor to think of the facility as a vacation retreat – with other kids who’re going through the same thing. No soccer but plenty of other activities. Connor does NOT want to go. Adam suggests they talk it over as a family and, back in the waiting room, he and Chelsea assure Connor that he’s not ‘crazy’.

Adam will take Connor for something to eat before he takes him back to school. Chelsea stays behind to cry to Dr Alcott. On the verge of a panic attack, she’s not sure she can deal with this.

Sending Harrison upstairs, Kyle and Summer like the way Claire interacted with him. Summer’s not sure hiring her is a good idea. We don’t know anything about her. Kyle’s in favour – see what Nikki thinks (since Claire worked for her) Both think there’s more to Claire’s story that Vikki didn’t want to get into.

The three woman assure Victor that they can protect each other – give us the address. No, Victor can’t go – Larry (the bodyguard) can. It’s our turn to take our lives back for good.

Ashley’s multiple personalities clash. You know you can’t do this yourself – this is my department. You need me. Ashley needs me. No, I’ve got this, she sends Tucker a text – ‘forget everything. I never want to see you again’.