Monday, March 18th, 2024

Chelsea confides in Dr Alcotte that she fears that her anxiety will affect her sweet little boy.

Connor sanitizes his hands as his Dad asks why he changed rooms in the middle of the school year. Connor couldn’t stay there because of his craziness.

At the Abbott house, Summer appreciates Claire making Harrison smile but she tells Kyle that they need to do some research before considering her for the nanny position.

Thanked by his Dad for coming (to the ranch) Nick asks where everyone is.

Someone please let me out, Jordan pounds on the door. She’s astounded when Nikki enters with Claire and Vikki to say that this isn’t a rescue mission.

Mocked for her sudden bravery, Nikki gestures for the guard then closes the door. She, Claire and Vikki then mock Jordan.

** I’m at a hotel with my granddaughter and the internet connection isn’t great. As such I haven’t been able to log into Constant Contact to send the emails. Also, it’s late so no spellcheck or proofreading.

Victor tells Nick that Nikki, Claire and Vikki have gone to confront Jordan. There’s some strong women in this family, they agree.

Chelsea tells Dr Alcotte all about her suicide attempt and recovery. Yes, she is proud of herself – but sheds tears of guilt.

No, Connor wasn’t bullied – he didn’t like the room number. 2 and 3 add up to 5 – that’s bad. 21 is Adam’s favourite number. Because you gambled in Vegas? (Johnny overheard his parents talking, Connor explains) He doesn’t want to go in for treatment; I’m scared.

Adan continues to reassure his son. Connor won’t know where anything is at ‘that place’. No decisions have been made, Adam adds.

While Kyle’s in favour of hiring Claire, Summer gets on her phone to do some research first.