Friday, March 15th, 2024

In the waiting room, Connor fusses with his hoodie – he hates the doctor – he hates himself. That hurts Chelsea’s heart. Adam’s equally loving and supportive. He understands.

At Society, Billy ends a call when he sees Ashley arrive. Hey bro, she greets him. Hey sis – everything OK? Ashley giggles shyly.

At home,Nikki gently scolds Victor for his risky plan but is glad ‘the devil’ is in a hell of her own making.

At CL’s, Summer’s surprised her grandparents haven’t had a big dinner to introduce Claire to the family. Vikki’s vague – there’s been a lot going on.

It’s complicated, Vikki explains that Claire was stolen as a baby (by a person she’d rather not talk about) Kyle mentions Claire being in the hospital. Vikki’s again vague as Claire continues to charm Harrison.

Nikki hopes Jordan’s feeling the same fear she did – prison is too good for her, they agree. Nikki insists on confronting Jordan before she’s arrested.

Aside, Adam and Chelsea discuss Connor. I can hear you, he just wants to go. This is too important. You told Billy you feel safe here. Connor hates this. Adam wants to cancel the appointment. Chelsea refuses – he needs help now. When Dr Alcott comes out, Adam agrees with Chelsea but wants to attend the session too. Connor needs us both today.

Tucker’s such a jerk, Ashley’s totally over him and so is… Billy prods – and so is who?

Tucker’s gross, Ashley hopes the family’s moved on like she has. You don’t sound like yourself, Billy wonders what’s going on.

All in the doctor’s office, Connor continues to fuss with his hoodie. None of you understand. When Chelsea asks Connor to stop doing that, the doctor corrects her. Adam would like to hear these ‘tools’ to help Connor.

Jordan’s locked up and can’t hurt me now, Nikki assures Victor that seeing her won’t be a trigger. I need to do this.

Claire’s loving her new family and Vikki loves to hear it. When Kyle asks if she’ll work at Newman, Claire relays Nikki’s suggestion that she work with children. Getting a text from Victor, Vikki announces that they should go – just in case. Summer looks suspicious.