Monday, March 18th, 2024

Your days of terrorizing us are over, Nikki denies being drunk – she’s taken her stolen sobriety back. Vikki has her stolen baby back and Claire has her stolen life back, with a family who loves her. It won’t be that easy, Jordan warns.

The confrontation continues as Jordan jokes about Vikki’s house burning down and Seth dying. Nikki and Vikki love and accept Claire while Jordan will die in prison. Jordan pulls a vial out from under the mattress – I’m still in charge.

Connor doesn’t want to go to ‘that place’ – maybe nothing can help me. You’re not alone in this, Adam (and your Mom) will be with him every step of the way. Can I please come home, Connor pleads – then hugs his Dad when he responds ‘absolutely’.

Chelsea shares her fear with the doctor that Connor (who hates himself) will end up on a ledge (as she once was)

Doctor Alcotte thinks that Chelsea’s struggle with mental health might make her more sensitive to what Connor needs – the residential facility is the right path; make the decision sooner rather than later. Grateful for the support, Chelsea will speak to Adam.

Greeting her Dad and grandfather, Summer’s at the ranch to ask about Claire. Victor feels she should know the ‘unvarnished truth’.

Claire tried to kill you?! Summer’s equally astounded to hear that her grandfather got her out of a psychiatric facility to welcome her into the family. Nick finds it harder to forgive Claire because she’s responsible for Nikki losing her sobriety. Victor puts all the blame on Jordan – she’s being dealt with as we speak.

Jordan’s on to plan B. As Nikki, Vikki and Claire watch on, she chugs back the vial of liquid; her ‘way out’ of a future in prison.

Now at CL’s, Connor needs to go up in case his Mom rearranged anything. We need to make some decisions, Chelsea follows Connor onto the patio to tout the treatment facility. Adam suggests they discuss it later. Chelsea persists and isn’t happy to hear that Dad told Connor he didn’t have to go.

Summer’s back at Kyle’s to say how stunned she is that Claire’s been accepted into the family after what she’s done.

As Jordan begins to feel the affects of the poison, Vikki thinks they should help her (if only so she won’t escape justice). Nikki and Claire not so much.