Tuesday, March 19th, 2024

Now at the ranch, Claire and Vikki decline tea and talking about what happened in that basement today. Nikki agrees they should all be together.

Nikki and Vikki discuss Claire meeting Summer, Kyle and Harrison today – she’s wonderful with children. Claire read all about the family she’s now meeting. The three women bond and share a group hug.

After Claire goes up to bed, Nikki hugs Claire too – try to get some sleep. Claire curls up on the sofa and awakens to a detailed dream in which she (as Eve) has always been part of the family. At the club, all go on about her being the best Newman. The dream turns to a nightmare when Jordan appears as a GCAC waitress.

Managing to banish Jordan from her dream, Claire continues to enjoy breakfast with her adoring family. Devon joins the happy gathering – he too has a favourite Eve story. Oh look – Adam’s working at the club (because Eve protected him from the family) When Mariah arrives, Claire’s stunned to see her hug Cassie!

Cassie, you’re … never mind. Sharon greets both her daughters. How long have you been back together? Since before Eve was born. One of her students then runs over – Harrison. Vikki and Nikki join to heap praise on her too. Happy birthday!!! all burst into applause when Vikki arrives with balloons.

Cole and Vikki reflect on the day Eve was born prematurely. You’ve been nothing but pure love. Cole presents her with his latest book. She reads the dedication aloud. Here’s Jordan to ruin the party again – wheeling in an IV, this time for Claire.

You can’t be here! Claire stomps over to confront Jordan. Back and forth they go until Claire finally tells her to go to hell. When she returns to her party, Adam stops Claire – you’re more like me than the others. You and I are nothing alike, you can’t change, I already have – ‘Eve’ rejoins the rest of her birthday celebration.

Following a tradition Eve started as a kid, she shares her wish. All around the table follow suite (except Nick, who delivers a Dad joke) Claire stands – if she had one wish, it would be …. She awakens alone on the sofa – Mom? Mom? Vikki appears – of course she’ll sit with Claire (who clings to her Mother)

Next Week: Lily tells Heather that she hasn’t decided if she’ll fire her or not. She then encounters Daniel as she marches out of CL’s … Don’t touch me! Audra barks at Tucker. Nate appears – you heard the lady … You seem to forget I’m you’re superior – you report to me – not the other way around, Diane wags her finger at Kyle. Forgive me if I overstepped, he oozes sarcasm. (There is no new episode airing tomorrow. I’ll be back on Friday. March Madness is on I assume)