Friday, March 22nd, 2024

Calling Daniel into his office, Devon credits him with sticking to his word (to break up with Lily) But, if you change your mind, don’t even think about Lily giving you a second chance.

Meanwhile, Lily and Heather find themselves face to face at CL’s.

Joining Danny for dinner at the club, Chris gives Danny ‘amazing’ news – she can join him on his first leg of the tour.

Over tea at the ranch, Claire tells Nikki that she had a dream about growing up as a Newman. That makes Vikki sad – and angry at the woman who stole her. Who could have guessed that Jordan would have poisoned herself?

Victor joins the three ladies – he’s so glad they’re safe. Nikki slept in the guest room – she didn’t feel like talking last night. No, Victor’s not happy with the choice they made – to confront that maniac alone.

Heather welcomes Lily home – again. She’s really glad Maddie’s doing better. Lily has nothing to say to her. Heather follows her to the patio – she never intended to hurt Lily.

Meanwhile, Daniel’s telling Devon that he too didn’t mean to hurt You’re not thinking of dumping Omegasphere, and me, Daniel hopes (so Lily won’t feel uncomfortable) It has crossed Devon’s mind.

Back at the club, Chris has one condition; first-class lodging, restaurants and hotels. Danny wants her to have a true tour experience – buses and fleabag motels with lumpy beds. OK, only the best for you – this time, Danny agrees with a kiss. He’s off to rent a suite upstairs when Phyllis arrives to watch Chris.

Poor Bug, all alone, Phyllis comes over. I’m fine, Chris informs. Phyllis sits – you don’t have to pretend with me. You’re miserable and lonely. Maybe she’ll go see Danny when he’s on tour – you can follow me on social media. Getting a text from Danny with the room number, Chris clip clops upstairs.

Vikki and Claire look sheepish as Victor takes his fury out on Nikki (for calling 911) That woman could break out and come after us! He marches out to call the hospital and see how she is (‘hopefully, not well!’)