Friday, March 22nd, 2024

Claire and Vikki also have doubts that calling 911 was the right thing to do. Nikki says that they will need to take steps to make sure Jordan doesn’t come after them again.

Doubting Lily wants to see Daniel at work and in her building, Devon might keep Omegasphere and fire Daniel. Yes, Billy’s here but that’s different – he’s Jill’s son. Devon assures Daniel that he’ll be the first one to know what they decide.

Heather swears she and Daniel didn’t see this coming – he kept his distance until he’d told you. Lily doesn’t care how many times they had sex – you talked about your feelings and when you’d break it to me – you told Lucy and Devon. All that changes everything.

Heather’s not sure what else Lily wants her to say. Lily didn’t want her to say anything – you followed me out here. She feels betrayed and disrespected. Don’t talk to me – no apologies. You made your choice, I’ll make mine. Are you firing me? Lily hasn’t decided yet. On her way out, she exchanges a frosty greeting with Daniel.

Chris finds Mr Romalotti lighting candles. Are you trying to seduce me? That’s the plan. He brings over a single red rose. They dance then make out to the song he wrote for Chris.

In the hallway, Phyllis hears the song and puts her ear to the door.

Victor rejoins the ladies with bad news – the woman is on the mend. She’ll be transferred to maximum prison soon. Vikki and Claire are silent as he and Nikki continue to bicker. What is she escapes?! Victor concludes.

What’s done is done, Victor hopes they can put Jordan out of their minds. He agrees with Claire (who wishes her Aunt died) When he thinks something’s a bad idea, listen, he grumbles before ambling off again.

In a booth at CL’s, Heather relays that Lily feels they betrayed her friendship. Daniel hopes they can move past that (as they have before) Heather feels bad – Lily was kind enough to hire me and this is how I repay her. She’s angry – we haven’t seen the full extent of her reaction yet.

At the office, Lily complains about Heather ambushing her at CL’s full of apologies. Devon understands her anger – is there anything I can do? Like what? Shutting down Omegasphere, he suggests.

Lily’s considered firing both Daniel and Heather but that’s immature and unprofessional; both are good at their jobs. She’ll suck it up and put on her big girl pants. Devon will do whatever makes his sister happy. Happy’s a stretch, she sighs.

Whatever happens, we’ll handle it together, Daniel’s happy to have reunited his family – he’ll never risk losing Heather and Lucy again.

As Danny and Chris make out in bed Phyllis peels her ear off the door and pulls the fire alarm. Lights and a siren are going off as she runs away.

This awful experience has brought the three of us closer together, Nikki points out. You’re right, Claire agrees. Nikki her and Vikki’s hands and pulls them into a hug.

Stay calm – the poison did it’s job and got me out of that room. Now, I just need to figure out my next move. Jordan pulls on her wrist that’s handcuffed to the bed-rail.