Monday, March 25th, 2024

As the fire alarm sounds, a laughing Chris and Danny jump into their clothes and run into the hallway (after Phyllis escapes)

Waiting for Adam at Society, Sally invites Audra to join her and is quickly brought up to speed – her relationship with Tucker might not be worth saving.

On the patio, Tucker leaves a long-winded message for Ashley. He’s puzzled – one minute she wants him back – the next she tells him to forget everything and won’t answer his calls.

Ashley’s sitting cross-legged on the sofa, eating popcorn and giggling at a show she’s binge-watching when Jack startles her. What’s going on with you? he’s suspicious at his sister’s odd behavior.

When Jack reports that Billy’s concerned too, Ashley doesn’t see the big deal – chill – this is cheaper than all the booze you drink. What do you all want from me?? she mimics Traci when mentioning Paris.

Sally’s been through some complicated situations with Adam – but no, never a ‘twisted love triangle’. Tucker swears I’m the one and that Ashley has psychological issues. Yes, Audra agrees that she’s very stable and that’s why she’s done with Tucker.

Greeting Chris and Danny at the bottom of the stairs, an animated Phyllis claims she just went out for some orange juice. Ohhhh – you two were upstairs, she pretends this is news to her.

Having noticed Phyllis’ cut finger, Chris makes her suspicions clear. What are you insinuating? Phyllis is indignant. What motive would I have? she denies pulling the alarm. Also suspicious but less vocal about it, Danny confirms that Chris is going on tour with him.

I don’t like this at all – Ashley wants a ‘vacay’. Jack thinks that a great idea – you and Traci can go…. No, Ashley needs a vacay from her family. Around the corner, a stronger personality kicks in.

On the patio, Tucker tries/fails to sweet-talk Audra. We can’t be together or work together, she doesn’t give a damn if Ashley’s sick; the fact that YOU have to save her isn’t healthy for ME. I’m out – professionally and personally!

Tucker persists – he HAS to help Ashley; I owe her that. I’ll always care about her the same way you will Noah. After he helps Ashley, he’ll do whatever it takes to get Audra back. And there’s Glacade to consider. Don’t touch me, Audra barks when Tucker grabs her arm. Nate magically appears – you heard the lady.