Monday, March 25th, 2024

Adam joins Sally to update her on everything Connor hates (including himself) They decide to go somewhere more private to talk.

When Traci comes in, Jack tells her about Ashley’s ‘unhinged’ demeanor. Billy’s worried too. They’re discussing all she’s been through, that’s taking it’s toll when the more mature Ashley arrives to condemn their psychoanalysis.

Ashley’s put Tucker behind her – isn’t that what you wanted me to do? You two talk about him more than I do. Oh no, she mocks her siblings; ‘Ashley’s watching a sitcom, let’s have her committed’. Back the hell off and let me move on with my life! she slams out. Jack thinks they should let it go – but Traci thinks that would be a big mistake.

In Sally’s suite, Adam tells her about the facility Dr Alcott wants Connor to go to. He doesn’t like new places, Adam tries to explain Connor’s theory re: good and bad numbers. The Exposure and Response program might make things worse, he frets.

If she had it tested, Chris bets Phyllis’ fingerprints and blood are on the fire alarm. The world would be safer with her behind bars. Danny steps in to tell Phyllis to move on – it’s over. Let’s go back upstairs, he invites Chris. That’s a great idea, she mocks Phyllis with a triumphant look.

When Audra asks Nate to buy her a coffee, he thinks that’s a great idea and follows her inside. Tucker’s left to read a text from Ashley (wanting to meet at Society)

Back upstairs, Chris rants about Phyllis pulling the fire alarm. Danny’s not 100% convinced – and so what if she did? It’s a childish move and it didn’t work. They pick off where they left off.

Adam feels like Chelsea and the doctor are pressuring him into this decision. Why am I the enemy? He’s also annoyed by Billy and how quickly this is happening. Sally suggests he’s reluctant to confirm the diagnosis. When Adam blames himself, she pulls him in for a hug.

Inside, Nate tries to pin Audra down on how she feels about Tucker. I’m done with him, she claims. Yes, she’s out of a job. Do you have a plan B? he asks. No, but she will – I’m a survivor.

At Society, Ashley apologizes for not getting back to Tucker – I’m not playing hard to get. You’re running hot and cold, he is indeed worried. Ashley believes him – and that means you love me. No, but he does care deeply – you seem confused; teetering on the edge. Ignoring her flirtation, Tucker asks Ashley to go see a psychologist, he’ll even go with her.

Adam hates this – Connor needs me to be strong. He again blames himself. Not to sound harsh but Sally encourages him to put Connor’s feelings above his own.

Never too early for champagne, Phyllis fails to engage the bartender or a fellow patron in conversation. She settles for talking aloud to herself – why would he want the Bug when he can have all this? she runs her hands along her body. I couldn’t care less, she lies to herself.

Upstairs, Danny scatters rose petals on Chris’ back – where he then traces ‘I love you’. She rolls over – I love you too ~kiss~

Jack can’t even ask Ashley how she’s doing without invoking a tantrum. And I haven’t said ‘I told you so’ once. Not in so many words but Traci knows her sister’s humiliated. After watching her closely, she agrees that something IS off.

Psychological help? Feeling patronized, Ashley repeats the story of seeing her psychologist friend in Paris. He says she’s perfectly normal. Tucker has to wonder if Ashley’s recollection of that conversation is wrong (like her recollection of their fight was) If I’m wrong, you can throw it in my face, he won’t give up until she’s seen someone.