Tuesday, March 26th, 2024

Hiding a framed photo of Lily, Daniel chats with Heather about them meeting this Wayland guy (Lucy’s prom date) Heather thinks they should go to work separately and then straight to their own offices (so as not to rub their togetherness in Lily’s face)

At Society with Devon, Lily WILL have to see Heather and Daniel – she asked Ester to set up a meeting with them to get caught up on what she missed. It’d be best for everyone if we fired them both. Billy zooms over to ask what’s going on – are you planning a purge!?

Devon confirms that they’re considering terminating Heather and Daniel but won’t say why it’s ‘necessary’. Billy feels that he deserves details. Are you thinking of gutting any other divisions? he sits to grumble. Back to reclaim her office, Lily wonders if Billy’s going back to Jabot. No, he’s staying at CW to represent his Mother by being part of EVERY decision.

Heather bets she’s the one who gets fired. Daniel’s not so sure – CW owns Omegasphere. Potentially losing his job and the game he created, Heather wonders if Daniel regrets what’s happened between them.

On the patio, Adam and Chelsea debate Connor’s future. He wants to get a second opinion but Chelsea doesn’t want to waste time. Do you really think he’s been misdiagnosed? She begs Adam to get onboard with her.

We need to show Connor that his condition is manageable and treatable. He senses our fear and adds to his, Chelsea adds – she’s done a lot of research and found a facility in Maryland. Adam wants something closer. And we can’t force Connor to go to a ‘hospital for crazy people’. Chelsea says that if they accept it, Connor will learn to accept it. But WE have to be on the same team; be the parents Connor needs us to be. OK, Adam will look at the facility in Maryland (sent via email)

Still grilling Devon and Lily, Billy gets it now – something happened between Heather and Daniel and now you want to fire them both.

Heather’s so excited to start a new chapter with Daniel – regrets? Absolutely not. Daniel has no regrets either. Yes, he loves Omegasphere. But, he created it to get his life together and bring Lucy and Heather back – so, it’s served it’s purpose.

Daniel will be fine no matter what happens at CW. He’s more worried about Heather. Well, she only took the job to be near Daniel for 40-50 hours a week. She’s optimistic about their future ~kiss~

Lily admits that she and Daniel broke up – he’s with Heather. Billy’s sorry she’s been hurt and gets why she and Devon would want to fire them, but it could lead to a wrongful termination lawsuit. Daniel cheating wasn’t right but neither is firing them. You’re about to make a decision that will be hard to come back from. Billy leaves Devon to admit that he made some good points. Lily disagrees.