Tuesday, March 26th, 2024

Lily’s not cool with Billy judging her decisions – and when has HE ever separated work from personal? Devon wants to wait til the dust settles. No, of course he doesn’t want Lily to feel uncomfortable at her own company – but you’ll figure out how to cope eventually. When Lily marches out, Abby asks Devon – what just happened??

Daniel jokes about opening an art/law boutique. Heather thinks if she lets Lily fire her, Daniel will keep his job. He wants to be proactive and keep the peace – by resigning himself.

On the patio, reading about the facility on his tablet, Adam admits that it sounds good. Things change when Billy pulls up a seat (beside Chelsea) to ask about Connor and rave about the facility. Annoyed that Billy already knows all about the place, Adam suddenly feels outnumbered – is this an ambush??

Chelsea explains that she emailed the info to Billy for a second opinion. Adam wanted a second opinion from a doctor, not her boyfriend. Billy 100% agrees that it’s Adam and Chelsea’s decision.

Still at Society, Devon tells Abby what lead to Lily marching out. She’s angry and hurt but Billy raised a good point. Devon suggests Heather and Daniel can work from home or on another floor. Billy’s made him realize that firing them would be a mistake. Abby disagrees – they should be fired.

Daniel and Heather aren’t looking forward to their meeting with Lily. As for Daniel resigning, Heather knows he’d regret walking away from Omegasphere. When Lily comes in for coffee, Daniel whispers to Heather; don’t say anything – let her say what she needs to first.

Back on the patio, Billy’s not trying to tell Adam how to raise his kid – he’s there for Chelsea to lean on. Do you have support? Yes – Adam got good advice from Sally. Connor needs us. If this helps him, that’s all that matters. Let’s move forward and get him into that program. Chelsea takes Adam’s hands across the table.

Abby reminds Devon that Amanda went back to Virginia, to take care of her Mother (so she wouldn’t have to face us every day) Daniel and Heather should resign. Devon thinks it’d be unprofessional for Lily to fire them for personal reasons. Plus, Heather’s a high-powered lawyer – who knows what she and Daniel might do?

Lily decides she might as well do it now – Devon and I spoke – you’re both terminated effective immediately. We’ll give you a great severance package. Daniel’s sorry it’s come to this. Yeah, well, you should have thought about that before you betrayed me, Lily snaps.