Wednesday, 27th, 2024

On the patio, Connor straightens the sugar pack as his parents tell him all the wonderful things about the facility in Maryland. Unimpressed, Connor refuses to go.

At the house, Kyle tells his Mom that he’s been able to juggle his schedule so he can pick Harrison up from school. And you still had time to show up your Mother at work (by doing MY job too) Diane’s pissed.

At the ranch, Vikki and Claire have decided to do something incredibly normal, lunch at Society. Nikki enters visibly upset. Mom – what happened!? What else – Jordan! Nikki’s shaking with fury.

Nikki reports that Jordan had a seizure so her transfer from hospital to prison is delayed. Claire’s sure her Aunt knew exactly what to expect when taking that poison. She knew we’d help her, Vikki doesn’t believe Jordan intended to kill herself. Nikki’s equally sure Jordan’s using this delay to plan her next move.

You rewrote some of the presentation for a project I’m spearheading. It’s unacceptable! Diane accuses Kyle of deliberately trying to show her up!

No, no, Chelsea and Adam don’t want to send Connor away and pretend he doesn’t exist. They profess their love – you’re NOT crazy. This is hard, it’s scary, Adam and Chelsea would do anything to help their son.

Trust us, it’s our job to make big decisions like this – we want what’s best for you; and that’s this place in Maryland. It’s the best choice. Yes, there’ll be kids your age there, Chelsea and Adam finally convince Connor to give it a chance – but if I hate it, you won’t make me stay, right?

Kyle just marked up some of the copy – it felt rushed so he cleaned it up. I thought I was doing you a favour. No – coming to me with the changes would have been helpful. Kyle thinks his Mom’s blowing it out of proportion. It’s not that big a deal. It’s one thing after another, Diane gripes – you’ve been scrutinizing my work, looking over my shoulder ever since I got the job. I’m your superior, you’re supposed to report to ME, not the other way around. Forgive me if I overstepped, Kyle’s sorry (not sorry)