Wednesday, 27th, 2024

My Aunt always has a backup plan, Claire warns. When Jack comes over for introductions, he vows not to let his decades old feud with Claire’s grandfather affect his feelings towards her. After Vikki and Claire leave, Nikki confides to Jack that she saved Jordan’s life but now may live to regret it.

Jordan was practically foaming at the mouth, Nikki had to call 911. Jack knows she had no choice but to help. The world would be better off if she died, Nikki sighs. As Jack offers support, she’s startled by a noise outside. He’s about to go check when Vikki calls out – sorry! (her purse got stuck on a chair)

Diane apologizes – she wasn’t trying to put Kyle in his place. But her concerns have been building, she should have talked to him earlier. Kyle feels that he might have some advice worth taking. We can push through this – let’s go have lunch, Diane suggests. Alas, Kyle has work to do at the office, he leaves her to stew.

Using a soccer analogy, Adam encourages Connor to give the facility a chance. When the boy reluctantly agrees, Chelsea asks Adam to make the call.

Ending his call, Adam informs that Connor can be enrolled immediately. There’s only one bed left – we should fly out tonight. It’s happening so fast, Connor needs to make a list of things to take. Adam gives him a hug – things will get easier – I love you. After Chelsea takes him upstairs to pack, Sally finds Adam fighting back tears.

As a distraction from her own problems, Nikki would rather hear what the Abbotts are up to. Diane and Kyle are adjusting to their new roles, Traci’s working on her new book. Jack’s concerned about Ashley; he came to Nikki for advice. One minute she hates Tucker, the next she wants him back. You won’t like this advice, Nikki warns – stay out of it.

At Society, Claire comments on how different her Mother is compared to what she’s read about her online. Vikki’s shares her passion for art. Claire loves museums – and people watching. As Vikki excuses herself to take a call, Kyle arrives and is invited (by Claire) to take a seat.

Kyle tells Claire that he and Summer are divorcing but co-parenting. When he asks about Claire’s childhood, she calls him out on it. You sure ask a lot of questions – someone must have warned you – and now you’re trying to figure out how terrible a person I am.

Jack’s surprised to find Diane at home. She explains confronting Kyle over him making changes to her work. He claims that he’s doing me a favour – but she can tell that he resents her for taking his position. He recommended you, Jack reminds. Yes, but, Diane thinks he’s having second thoughts. What do I do??

It took some time and finessing but Connor’s willing to give the residential program a try, Adam tells Sally. Not letting him blame himself, she declares him an ‘amazing’ parent. This is what Connor needs, Sally reiterates. Yes, but, it’s tearing Adam apart.

When Sally calls her in from the patio, Chelsea thanks Sally for supporting Adam. Sally’s humble – Connor’s a great kid- the facility sounds amazing. Chelsea’s glad that Sally’s back in Adam’s life. That means a lot to Sally. After Chelsea goes back up to get Connor, Sally repeats – he’s a great kid with loving parents. You’re doing the right thing. Keep me posted, she offers to let Nick and Victor know where he’s gone. All your focus needs to be on your son ~hug~

Jack won’t tell Diane how to handle this – he loves both Diane and Kyle – the two of you will find a way to move forward.

Why would Kyle think Claire’s a terrible person? We can be honest – you learned more about my story, she’s noticed that he’s treating her differently today. Kyle admits he found out more – and it’s pretty shocking. You should walk away – no one would blame you. You should go – protect yourself, Claire seems to be quietly challenging him. Kyle wants to hear her side. He’s ready to listen.

Nikki jumps when the phone rings. Security? No, Victor’s not here – did you try his cell? Offering to relay a message, she hears shocking news. What?! She escaped from the hospital!? OMG this can’t be happening!