Thursday, March 28th, 2024

At the GCAC,Jack ends his a string of insults by wondering why Tucker’s not in Paris running Glacade. Ever think I might move Glacade here? is the punchline to Tucker’s litany of jokes.

How did a nice girl like me try to kill my family? Fine, Claire will tell Kyle her story. She was raised/controlled by her deranged Aunt.

Nick enters the office as Victor shouts into his phone ‘find that woman!!! Nick’s sick of the incompetence – she was being watched by guards and security! And you had her trapped in a basement. Victor wished he hadn’t allowed Nikki to go see her. On cue, Nikki arrives.

Don’t blame yourself, Nick’s quick to reassure his Mom. Victor wonders why security called her first and why she came to NE without Larry. No, she didn’t stop anywhere (a bar) but she’s dying for a drink.

Claire trusted her Aunt – who told her the Newmans didn’t want her. Kyle’s sad for her – you were raised to want payback for something that didn’t happen. I almost killed my entire family. Rejoining them, Vikki’s happy to see that Kyle’s gotten a chance to know Claire.

Glacade’s no competition to Jabot and Jack doesn’t want to talk to Tucker about Ashley. We’re finished, Tucker agrees – but warns that she’s falling apart.

Tucker insists that Ashley’s different – in one text she wants nothing to do with him, the next she wants to get back together. Jack WOULD be worried – IF it were true. She’s done with you – she told me so this morning. Odd, because Ashley told Tucker she wants to partner again in ‘all things’. He really hopes Jack will step in. Getting a text, Jack orders Tucker to stay away from Ashley and marches off.

When Cole rushes into Society, Claire invites him to speak freely. Kyle’s not ‘running’, he’s got to get back to Harrison – and to give Cole, Vikki and Claire privacy.

Nikki’s asked Jack to meet her at an AA meeting. Victor and Nick are sure Jordan will be found (if she’s stupid enough to come after the family again) Nick again absolves his Mom of guilt.

No, Sally’s not at Newman looking for Adam, she’s looking for Nick and Victor. Informed that Adam’s flying to the East Coast with Chelsea and Connor, Nick’s sympathetic and thinks Adam’s lucky to have Sally’s support. She asks for their support too – Adam’s struggling. After an awkward silence, Nick will tell Victor – trust me to handle it.