Friday, March 29th, 2024

No, Traci doesn’t believe a word Tucker says. Ashley’s glad to hear it. He does seen to be genuinely concerned about me – and that’s exactly what I want. Traci’s puzzled.

Ashley’s in complete control – I have a plan. Traci does trust her sister but everybody needs a sounding board. OK, Tucker thinks I’m vulnerable but HE is. Ashley will take his empire. He won’t see me coming. Ignoring Traci’s attempt to stop her, Ashley slams out.

Jack tells Diane that Kyle confessed to resenting her but knows he has to work through it. Diane suggests she and Kyle reverse roles.

When Adam apologizes to Vikki, she wonders why he’s being so nice. We’re protective of our kids, Adam should have kept his mouth shut re: Claire. Vikki’s sorry to hear that Connor has OCD. Victor then updates that Claire went out for coffee (according to security at the gate)

Claire tells Summer that she’s trying to get better and hopes to work with kids one day. Explaining that she was stolen and raised to hate her family, Claire takes responsibility and hopes to have a relationship with her cousin. She’s pleased when Summer introduces to Chance as her cousin. Getting a text from her Mom, Claire has to go. Disguised as a man, Jordan watches her leave.

As much as she loves her job, Diane wants their son to soar. Jack won’t even consider a swap – he believes she’s where she belongs; where she deserves to be.

I was worried about you! Vikki’s relieved when Claire returns from having coffee. Alone? Adam chirps. Why do you care? Claire asks him. Victor wags his finger – take security next time. Claire’s sorry for worrying everyone but refuses to be scared of Jordan. Mike rushes in with the news that someone called Eve Howard bought a ticket to Houston. It might be a scam, Victor suspects.

Finding Ashley in his suite, Tucker threatens to have her thrown out or arrested. Ashley made that appointment. I did it for us. Do it for yourself, Tucker adds – and with the support of your family. You heard him, out! Audra echoes. Ashley asks Tucker if they can speak privately.

Audra tells Ashley to show some self respect; it’s embarrassing. Put a muzzle on this yappy, little bitch, Ashley snarls. Restraining Audra, Tucker asks Ashley to leave. OK, all you had to do was ask, she complies. Believe me now? Tucker asks Audra. In the hallway, Ashley wonders where she is. What am I doing here? What’s happening to me?

Your cousin seemed nice, Chance is shocked to hear that Claire tried to kill her family. She got treatment instead of prison. She’s a good actress. Claire seems sincere but Summer doesn’t trust her yet.

Mike will follow up on the train ticket lead. Adam thanks Victor for letting him use the jet. Give Connor a hug from all of us. Me too, Vikki adds. You and Chelsea are exactly the parents that boy needs right now, Victor empathizes – as if they didn’t have enough problems Connor’s going to the East Coast to be treated for OCD. Claire’s heart goes out to him.

Coming downstairs to watch Jack and Diane exit through the revolving door, Ashley follows at a distance. What’s happening to me? she pauses to wonder.