Friday, March 29th, 2024

Coming home to relay his run in with Tucker, Jack tells Traci that he’s using his fake concern about Ashley to try stir up trouble in the family.

In the jazz lounge, a hostile Audra bestows upon Tucker two minutes of her time. He apologizes – you’re everything to me.

Barking into his phone, Victor’s pissed at the police department and his own security team. When Adam catches the tail end of the call, Victor vows to put an end to that woman.

Gagging in disgust as she unlocks room number 8, Jordan declares it time for the reckoning.

Victor will bring that woman to justice if it’s the last thing he does. Adam announces that he and Chelsea are taking Connor to the East Coast; he has OCD.

You’re it, Tucker just shared his suspicions about Ashley with Jack – the only one he wants to play hero to is Audra – I can’t lose you. I won’t.

Declining Jack’s invitation to join him and Diane for a drink, Traci’s flashing back to conversations with Ashley when her sister interrupts her. Yes, Traci is worried about her.

For the billionth time, Ashley insists she’s over Tucker. Traci doesn’t mean to upset her – but you have been a bit moody lately. Ashley very much IS upset.

Back at the ranch, Adam gives Victor a crash course on OCD and ERP – Chelsea found a clinic. Nick already offered the jet. Victor knows what it’s like to have a child who suffers and you can’t do anything about it. It breaks Victor’s heart to hear that Connor hates himself. He’s proud of the man/father Adam’s become. Asking if they’ve seen Claire, Vikki’s not so sure she wouldn’t leave the ranch on her own.

Mike’s surprised to find Claire at CL’s. She’s celebrating – being out in the real world by herself. No, she didn’t get Victor’s permission.

Claire just wants to live a normal life. When Mike introduces her to Lauren, she mentions wanting to work with kids. Overhearing, Summer tries to escape. Claire correctly guesses she’s heard what she and Jordan did. You tried to kill them, Summer doubts she’d ever be allowed to work with children.

Tucker knows he’s been a fool, a liar – he wouldn’t blame Audra if she left him. I’m lucky to have you in my life. You’re my best friend. I’m sorry. I love you. I love you too ~kiss~

In the dining room, Jack tells Diane that Tucker claims to be concerned about Ashley. She insists she’s over him – and yes, Jack believes her.