Monday, April 1st, 2024

Mariah and Tessa welcome Cole, Tessa and Claire in and apologize for the mess (due to packing) After introductions are made, the three young ladies chat happily. Cole then announces that this is where he and Vikki fell in love.

I’m an attorney, Heather reminds – she wants to see the contract Daniel signed with CW. There is a case here. If Lily and Devon want to play hardball, we can too. You (Daniel) deserve to keep your dream.

Billy tried to talk Devon and Lily out of firing Heather and Daniel but isn’t sure what they decided. Phyllis is astounded – is Lily that petty? If someone wants out of a relationship you wish them well and let them go – vengeance is so childish. Billy’s look earns him a quick ‘Shut up!’

When Aria awakens crying, Mariah and Tessa go upstairs to tend to her. Cole and Vikki reminisce. We had some good times and some not so good times here. They joke about a fight they had (which is now funny) and can’t even tell Claire what they were fighting about. We were just kids. Yes, very much in love. Claire likes the place and can imagine her parents being happy here. And when Mariah and Tessa return with Aria, she wastes no time holding and chatting to her.

While Billy can see Lily’s point, Phyllis opines that Devon and Lily have doled out their share of romantic misery. Doing this to Daniel and Heather is ‘obscene’.

Daniel needs to think about it – he’s getting more upset. He then gets a message from his Mom – meet me for a drink – it’s important.

Back at the ranch, Claire blurts out – that could have been my house. Vikki’s been quiet on the walk back. Cole senses she has an idea – he can still read her so well. Vikki asks Claire if she’d like to live at the tackhouse.

Daniel assumes his Mom’s heard the news and isn’t interested in hearing a lecture. Phyllis is our biggest cheerleader, Heather points out – and we could both use a drink. Off they go.

Billy thinks Lily and Devon might have a change of heart about firing Heather and Daniel. Phyllis knows her son will be crushed about losing Omegasphere and assumes she’ll get a pink slip too – CW is a mess. They’ll pick you off too, she warns Billy.

Did I do something wrong? Perhaps you don’t want me around all the time? Claire’s initially disappointed. No, Vikki will move into the tackhouse too. Cole thinks it a great idea. Johnny and Katie are anxious to meet their big sister and Cole’s welcome to come over as much as he likes. When can we move? Claire hugs her Mom. Outside, on a bench in front of the house, Cole supports Vikki’s decision. You’re the perfect role model – an amazing woman and Mother. You take my breath away a dozen times a day. As he leans in for a kiss, Vikki sits stiffly.

Taking the hint, Cole backs off a bit – I better get going. He had a great time. Clearly disappointed, he’s about to leave but pauses to say that reconnecting with Vikki has changed everything – he never wants to go back to the way things were. Vikki’s left looking unenthused.

Phyllis congratulates the happy couple by lying that she already knew. Daniel and Heather play along and confirm that they’ve been officially fired. Billy wasn’t part of that decision. He and Phyllis agree that Daniel should fight for Princess Louisa. Heather’s encouraged.

Continuing to pack, Mariah and Tessa discuss Claire – she’s trying to find her way (which Mariah can relate to) She and Vikki have bonded it seems. They then come across Aria’s lost elephant, Chad(?) – which Tessa insists they take to the new house.

Claire’s excited about the move – she just feels guilty about everything Vikki’s giving up for her. Don’t she and Cole want to get back to work? We missed so many years with you, Vikki explains. Claire drops hints about the way she and Cole looked at one another. Being at the tackhouse reminded you of when you where happy and in love, she adds shyly.

My Thoughts: Cole (and to a lesser extent, Claire) makes Vikki a softer, kinder person; a more likable character all ways around. Even her appearance seems softer. less harsh and angular. Just how far is Vikki willing to go to recreate the happy family life Claire missed out on? Cole seems to think she’ll go all the way. Her reaction on the bench give off ‘she’s just not that into you’ vibes… Mariah and Tessa, a family of three, are moving (in part) to get more room to grow. How on earth does Vikki think it’ll go having her, Claire, Johnny and Katie in such close quarters. And has Vikki completely forgotten that she has another son? Reed? … With Jordan on the loose, is it wise for Cole, Vikki and Claire to have walked from the tackhouse back to the main house? It’s not like the onsite security have been effective – ever …. I’d forgotten that Phyllis even has a job at CW. I don’t even recall seeing her in the building… I’m not sure whether Heather and Daniel have a case but they sure could do some PR damage. Perhaps computer hacker extraordinaire (Phyllis) can find a backdoor to take down access to Princess Louisa (Daniel was an idiot for signing over ALL the rights to his platform)