Friday, May 3rd, 2024

Kyle comes down to interrupts Diane and Jack’s debate. Why’s Victor pissed? he asks – what does he blame you for? When Jack tries to dismiss him, Kyle suspects there’s a more going on.

Victor just needs a punching bag, Jack claims. Heading off to the office for a bit, Kyle will have Mrs Martinez check in on Harrison. When Jack offers, Kyle’s even more suspicious. Must have been a rough night. When Diane mentions a meeting she has later, Kyle’s surprised she remembered.

Now alone, Jack tells Diane that he started drinking with Nikki. No, it didn’t work – that’s when he go some opioids. How could you do that to yourself? Diane’s aghast – how could you do that to me?

Still at the club, Phyllis and Nick agree to keep an eye on Summer and Harrison. She wouldn’t tell anyone else this but wishes she’d seen Jordan die. Nick thinks it best she keep that to herself.

In the cellar, Victor sets out a bottle of vodka and takes a seat in leather chair in front of Jordan’s cell.

Reminded of when crazy Patty almost killed Summer (via her peanut allergy) Nick credits Phyllis with pulling her through. Phyllis wishes she’d have been the one to send Jordan to hell. If you two were in a ring together, Nick’s money would be on Phyllis. Supergirl’s a super-Mom- we did good.

At CL’s, Sharon updates Kyle that Summer may have already spoken to the psychologist she referred. Harrison’s resilient and surrounded by love. Summer joins them to thank Sharon. Summer asks who’s at home watching Harrison? She liked the therapist Sharon referred. One more thing – she doesn’t want Claire anywhere near Harrison.

Diane blasts Jack – and why does he still have his old dealer’s number!? No, Jack couldn’t just pretend to take a pill. No wonder you didn’t want Kyle to know about this. You put Nikki’s sobriety above your own. You think you’re noble but you’re incredibly selfish!

WE have to be the parents here – Harrison might want to hang out with Claire but he might also want to eat brownies every day. We have to decide what’s best for him. When they continue to bicker, Summer says that their bond with Harrison matters most of all. He doesn’t need to see Claire.

Diane’s incredulous – there’s a hole in this story. Jack admits that Nikki was scared sober when he passed out. You OD’d?! You threw away years of sobriety for Nikki Newman! Maybe you have pills on you right now!?

Victor bangs the bottle on the bars to wake Jordan up. I’ll do anything to get out of here – please, I can’t take it any longer. Victor smirks down at her.

Kyle agrees they’re the two most important people in Harrison’s life but Claire’s family – we can’t keep them apart forever. Summer feels panic every time she sees Claire – Harrison must too. She never wants to hear about Claire again.

This is a one time occurance, Jack had to shock Nikki. What about me? Diane’s furious. Jack would never intentionally pyt Diane through that. Diane doesn’t want to lose Jack ~hug~

Someone will find me and we’ll both go to prison – what do you want from me? Jordan asks. Nothing – Victor adds that Harrison and Claire are both safe, no thanks to you. Jordan doesn’t want to be left in this black hole – take me to a real prison. Victor will leave her with this bottle of vodka – drink until you croak.