Monday, May 6th, 2024

At CL’s, Nick updates Jack that his Mom’s settling into rehab. Sabotaging your own sobriety was a crazy thing to do, he adds – are you OK? Yes, Jack falling off the wagon was a tactical move. Nick will take him at his word – thank you. And no, Victor doesn’t share his gratitude.

Victor finds Cole spending some quality time with his daughter (at the tackhouse) How are you REALLY feeling? he asks his granddaughter.

When Sally drops by, Adam tells her about the video call with Connor. Oh woe is me – my son’s moving on without me, Adam goes to look out the window for dramatic affect.

At Society with Billy, Chelsea checks her phone for the updates she ‘lives for’; little glimpses throughout the day of what Connor’s doing in school.

In the club’s dining room, Ashley’s sorry she had to push their ‘meeting’ back. Business?? After last night – Alan thought it’d be less business, more pleasure. There’ll be none of that, Ashley’s polite but firm – she’s done playing games.

Chelsea’s anxious about Connor and having to rein Adam in. As usual, Billy offers sympathy and support.

Adam knows he’s being selfish – it’s not about me, it’s about getting Connor healthy. Sally will be Adam’s anchor – she’ll be there for him
so he can be there for his son ~kiss~

Did I do something wrong? Alan notes that Ashley seems less comfortable with him today. Blaming the champagne, Ashley’s sorry if her flirting was inappropriate. Not at all, Alan enjoyed their time together last night. Refusing to be patronized, Ashley knows Alan wasn’t flown out as a friend – but as a psychologist.

Claire had a nightmare last night that she was still trapped in the storage unit. Cole’s sorry – I failed to keep you safe. Claire won’t let Jordan ruin her life. Have they found her body? It’s probably in Lake Michigan by now, Victor tells Claire not to worry about it.

Jordan bets Victor’s monitoring her by audio and video right now. I won’t drink myself to death. Come have a drink with me! I will NOT die alone down here, she vows.

For what it’s worth, Nick told his Dad that he should be thanking Jack. I’ll always have your back (and he knows Jack will always have his Mom’s back)

Victor jokes about how much time Cole’s spending at the tackhouse – are you moving in or what? After Claire goes to meet her Mom, Victor asks Cole if there’s any change in his relationship with Vikki.

Ashley feels talking with Alan now feels forced and contrived. She can handle whatever issues she’s having on her OWN terms. Honestly, Alan’s not sure she’s ‘fine’.

Naked on the couch, Adam and Sally consider themselves a strong team. Connor might be ready for a weekend visit. He hopes Chelsea doesn’t slide again. Have faith in her and yourself, Sally preaches.

Adam’s a great father – he can and will figure it out, Billy’s sure – and Chelsea’s the strongest person he knows. Billy has no problem supporting Chelsea – there’s nowhere else he’d rather be ~kiss!

Vikki makes a beeline to Jack to thank him for going to such lengths to help her Mom. Jack thanks Claire for visiting Harrison. Hearing that Kyle’s looking for a nanny, Vikki suggests Claire throw her hat in the ring.

Traci and Jack have obviously gotten to you, Ashley rolls her eyes at Alan when he says she’s not herself. You seem threatened. Ashley was teasing him a bit – no need to feel insulted because I don’t feel like playing along today. Yes, she regrets the flirtation. No, she sees no reason for him to stay in town.

Stop studying me – go to your conference in Vienna. Safe travels, she clip clops out.

Claire can’t think if a better job than taking care of that munchkin but Summer wouldn’t approve. Nick defends Summer – it’s complicated. Jack will talk to Summer and Kyle about it. Time to look to the future, Claire smiles.

Victor likes that Cole’s protective of Vikki and Claire. Cole loves them both and will stick around as long as they’re happy. Now, be honest, is there something we don’t know about my Aunt’s death?

In her cell, Jordan itches her arms. No spiders! she shouts (assuming Victor can hear her) OK, just one sip – she opens the bottle of vodka.

Chelsea asks Billy for advice – the doctors say Connor might be ready for a visit. She’s considering going this weekend. Billy thinks she should trust the doctors. If anything goes wrong, they’re there to support you. Maybe this is part of the healing process for all three of you. What would I do without you? she rewards him with a kiss.

Jack comes home with a coffee for Diane. He knows she’s upset. Upset!? You spent all night in a hotel suite with Nikki! You took pills! She’s alarmed that he can’t admit how dangerous that is. Ashley interrupts – don’t tip toe around me. Yes, she saw Alan – and sent him to Vienna. Your/Traci’s plan to have me covertly analyzed failed.

Is this a bad time? Chelsea asks. Uhhhh no. She and Billy walk in. She’s made a decision. Sally’s about to diplomatically leave but Adam insists she stay.

Adam buttons his shirt up. Chelsea wants to visit Connor – we should go together. She misses him so much. We have to be able to hold it together; it’s what Connor wants and deserves. Adam agrees wholeheartedly that what he needs and deserves.. Sally seems to realize that she and Billy may as well be furniture.

Victor gives Cole the ole ‘trust me’ – If I thought Jordan were alive wouldn’t I have a security detail on everyone in the family. She’s dead – stop worrying.

The bottle’s well past the half way point. Jordan’s hammered.

Traci and I did NOT conspire against you! Jack tells Ashley that he wants Alan to stay a while longer – you’re not well. This family will do all it can to make sure you get the help you need – no mater what it takes!