Friday, May 3rd, 2024

You’re back, Nick’s surprised. Yes, Victor confirms that Nikki’s settled in at rehab. That other threat’s dead and gone, Nick reminds – we’ll take the wins when we can, no matter how we get ’em.

Thank God, where were you all night? Diane comes home to fuss over Jack. He wants to tell her everything – hear me out – he knows she won’t like what he has to say.

Running into her Mom at the revolving door, Summer promises they’ll spend time together with Harrison soon. She’s only here now to see about professional help for Harrison. Sharon appears to make a series of odd jerky movements.

Nick’s surprised when his Dad informs him that his Mom was with Jack last night – that sonofabitch almost killed her.

Jack tells Diane how frustrated he was when trying to get through to a drunken Nikki last night. He was scared and guilt-ridden – I had to do something to save her. He had to try … Try what? What did you do last night? Diane’s increasingly worried.

The three women now seated, Sharon’s horrified to hear that Jordan told Harrison his parents didn’t want him. Thanking Sharon, Summer excuses herself to go call the recommended therapist (leaving Sharon and Phyllis to sit in tension)

Sharon declares Summer a great Mom. Mariah is too, Phyllis smiles – look at us. Sharon has to run. To your tech empire I didn’t get a job at? Phyllis quips. Yes, that’s the one. Returning seconds after Sharon’s departure, Summer vows to fight for Harrison the way her Mom and Dad fought for her.

Back at the ranch, Nick can’t make sense of it – Mom stayed out last night but is now ready for rehab? And Jack could have killed her? How? Victor’s security team advised him that they were doing shots together. Your Mom claims it was a plan to shock her. However, Jack collapsed. He fails at everything. The way Nick sees it, Jack risked his life to save Mom’s – she’s getting the help she needs because of him.