Tuesday, May 7th, 2024

Running into Audra (who tells him how Tucker turned the lounge into a Paris Cafe to propose) Nate’s astounded that she wouldn’t see that for what it is – Tucker trying to recreate his failed honeymoon with Ashley in Paris.

Alan calls Ashley to say that he’d like to see her before he flies out in a few hours. You’d like more time to analyze me? she rudely assumes.

Stopping at CL’s on their way to CW, Abby and Devon wonder why Maime’s called an emergency meeting (that includes Nate but not Billy) When Tucker moseys over to ask for a favour, Abby’s openly hostile.

Maime arrives 30 minutes early to Lily’s office. She regrets the way their last meeting went but refusing to give any details, she promises it’ll be worth it.

Nate hopes Audra wasn’t foolish enough to accept Tucker’s proposal. We’re friends – friends tell each other the truth. Audra suspects he’s secretly infatuated with her. Would it matter if he was?

Tucker would very much like to attend Dom’s upcoming musical performance. Abby chortles. Devon shoots her a look before telling Tucker no. They’re about to leave when Tucker asks – is your Mother doing any better? Better than what?! Abby asks.

Belle takes over to ask Alan if his offer to spend the next few hours together is still available. She’ll meet him at the club.

If you’re referring to what happened in Paris, that’s ancient history, Abby snarls. When was the last time you saw your Mother? Tucker realizes Abby has no clue. You might want to check in more regularly. Take care, he leaves Abby and Devon to agree he hasn’t changed at all.

If Nate was into Audra she’d know it – we’re friends, he repeats. Audra did turn down Tucker’s proposal; marriage is an archaic institution. Nate tells her to take the blinders off – Tucker will break your heart. You deserve better.